Would you like to partner with me for your first big partner launch of your Signature Coaching Program?

Dear Coach:

I'm looking for 3 partners to personally launch their program . . .

This may or may not be a good fit for you . .

But . .

Do you have a course or coaching program that’s finally ready to launch?

Are you sick and tired of gurus in your niche . . .

With inferior products and coaching that are making a killing because they’ve supposedly “cracked the code” on their own conversions?

Does YOUR coaching program or course have the potential to truly change lives and disrupt the industry?


If so, I might be able to help . . .

Like I said, I’m looking for 3 partners to personally launch their program . . .

so they can quickly DOMINATE their competition

. . . build a recognizable brand in their space online . .

and grow their business to 5 figures, 6 figures, or even 7 figures

that has the potential to impact thousands of lives

Maybe that’s you???


Here’s the thing, if you have a Signature Program or a Course . .

but you don’t have any way to get it out there . .

if you don’t have affiliates

or partners

or distribution channels

you can feel like you are in a vacuum, like in the basement during a tornado . .

If you want to change that, I might be able to help you . . .

You see, if you have someone on the inside, guiding, doing the work, making partner introductions, and building your affiliate program for you . .

You can work on the course or program itself, and leave the marketing to me . . .

Or we can do it together (and then you learn more anyhow) . .

The bottom line is this: I’m looking for a few partners for the last quarter of the year,

frankly, I’m looking for folks who have a Signature Program or course that has $100k potential . .

A Signature Program or Course that partners and affiliates would LIKE to promote

And in the process of promoting, you gain exposure, you get subscribers . . and of course you make sales


So that I can help establish you as THE market leader, trusted authority, and dominant expert in their niche . .

One of the things you might be struggling with is getting your name out there . .


And one of the most powerful ways to get your name out there is to run a partner/affiliate program . . .

Just running a program will get you exposure, subscribers, and folks will notice you

And that’s not counting the revenue that comes in when partners/affiliates promote for you


And not only do you generate the revenue from the sales . .


But you generally generate at least 10x as many subscribers as sales . . .

So if your campaign generates 100 sales, you’ll likely end up with 1000 - 1500 new subscribers


And if your campaign goes well and you make 1000 sales, you can probably end up with 10,000 - 15,000 new subscribers on your list

And in fact this is how many upstart coaches and product creators get their start - with their first partner/affiliate program

The problem is, when you are starting from scratch, it’s easy to not know what to do next . .

Or next after that . .

Or where to find partners . .

So if you have a course or a program that’s ready to launch and you are sick and tired of sitting back while your competitors launch their programs and make sales . .


This may be the most important opportunity you’ve been presented with


Now, you probably know that a combination of a strong webinar and an affiliate team is the most powerful way to generate Signature Coaching sales in a passive way . . .


But the problem is, webinars are hard to write, require lots of patience, and serious practice and experience to do well and get high conversion rates


And they are immensely time consuming, and aren’t even guaranteed to sell your program!

There are 2 parts to a successful first launch with a coaching program or a course:

1) You must have the emails, sales pages, and webinar script coordinated and written so that it's all working together and converting

2) You must have an affiliate/partner program that is attractive so that you can get affiliates/ partners on board and promoting

You can have the greatest course in the world, but if you don't have anyone talking about it, you won't make sales.

And you can have everyone talking, but if your webinar and sales page doesn't convert, you won't make sales.

So you need both.

And that's where I come in . . .

Frankly speaking, I have the experience to write your webinar, your sales copy, your emails - every component of your campaign - in such a way that it will convert out of the box.

PLUS I have the experience, the knowledge and the contacts to get your affiliate program going and launched.

And when you work with me, I will:

  • Write your pre-webinar emails
  • Script your webinar
  • Write your post-webinar selling emails
  • Create your launch pages: registration page, replay page, thank you page
  • Script it all so that it converts



  • I'll design your affiliate/partner program
  • Recruit affiliates/partners for you
  • Guide you to recruit additional affiliates from your own contacts
  • Help you have a profitable first launch

Now, this isn't for everyone.

And not every course or coaching program will be a good fit for the people I network with, although we can do additional affiliate recruiting, we want to have a base to get started with.

And I can only work with a few client partners at a time, and I will be doing these partner launches on a first - come first served basis . . .

So . . .

If you want to work personally with me,

I will be looking at these applications on a first come first served basis,

I can only do a few of these partner launches this year

And want to only choose Partners with real potential for a big launch . .

So if you want to work with me personally

Fill out the application here:

Apply to Work With Sean Personally and Do a Partner Launch








P.S. I look forward to seeing if we can do a Partner Launch together . . .

If you want to be considered . . just fill out the application and let's talk

Sean Mize