Personal Traffic Strategy

In this intense training, I am going to show you how to build your own, personal, traffic source based on the unique DNA of your business, your key uniqueness, and your own personal communication strategy.

Now, before I dig in, I’ll say this:

If you want to just go to facebook or google and buy traffic based on targeted keywords or demographics – that’s a strategy that works for some folks, in some businesses, with some strategies and business DNA.

Or if you’ve already determined that you LOVE youtube or you LOVE instagram or LOVE facebook and you already know deep inside THAT’s where you want to get your “traffic” –

what are you reading this for?

Seriously, the ONLY thing you should be doing with traffic right now is that stream you’ve already determined to fish in. You should buy a training that works for THAT traffic source, and then relentlessly implement.


So now that we’ve weeded out people who are already planning to do PPC and people who already know where they are going to get traffic, those folks don’t need to be here . . .

Let’s dig in a get serious!

Now, let me say this first:

What I am going to share with you is NOT the normal stuff you hear about traffic, free or paid.

It’s neither free nor paid.

And it’s not the run of the mill ideas about keyword targeted or similar lists or anything like that.

It’s all about finding the exact traffic sources online who already have the people you are looking for, already on their site, and then inviting them to your site.

But notice there are 3 things that MUST happen for that to work:

  1. YOU have to KNOW who you are looking for . . .meaning YOU have to know what your prospects need and want and what they are looking for online
  2. Once you know WHO you are looking for, your next step is to find the 100 top places online where they hang out.
  3. Once you know where those 100 places are, you find ways to get involved in those sites. That might be helping out at the site, answering questions for people (your hottest prospects are people who are asking questions right now), helping to write content for sites, blogging and guest blogging for sites, and so on. This could also include paid advertising on those sites, but I advise you ONLY start paid advertising once you already see that the people on the site respond to you.

Notice there’s no mention of traffic or creating traffic.

You aren’t creating traffic.

The people are already there.

They are already looking somewhere (if they aren’t, they don’t need you bad enough yet).


Note: the is the EXACT strategy I’ve personally used to generate traffic for 11 years now and make a full time income converting that traffic to sales.


You see, converting that traffic to sales is a big part of the equation.

Sure, you can get traffic from easy sources, from PPC and so on . . .but if you can’t convert that paid or easy traffic into sales, then what’s the point?


And the people you invite to your site using the 3 step method I listed above . . . they are hot prospects, they are people that you can convince to buy what you have (if it meets their needs, of course)