PLR IM Coaching Lessons – Cyber Monday 2018


On this page will be a minimum of 100,000 words of lessons, you can instantly download as a .doc file, extract the part you want for a certain lesson or ebook, add the words: “Lesson (number of lesson)” plus Your Name and you’ll have IM coaching lessons you can immediately create a coaching program with.

You can also split each lesson into 1-4 parts, to create more lessons . . .

Note: this is designed to be the static lesson material of your coaching program, you simply need to deliver a weekly or bi-monthly live coaching call OR you can offer email or skype or messenger access for the coaching parts . . .

This will be delivered in about 3 docs:

Doc 1 (31,888 words) Pages Doc

Doc 1 (31,888 words) Word Doc

Doc 2 (31417 words) pages

Doc 2 (31,417 words) Word Doc

Doc 3 (54,143 words) Pages

Doc 3 (54,143 words) Word Doc

Doc 4 (43,865 words) Pages

Doc 4 (43,865 words) Word Doc

Keep in mind, this is raw content from different sources . . . so you will want to read and edit before you use . .

You could literally create dozens of lessons, a print membership, or topical lessons to beef up or start your membership or training or even for free content on your website!