Become the Coach Everyone Is Jealous Of

Are you on online entrepreneur, already a coach, or you teach how to do something online? 

But . . . for some reason, you just aren't connecting with prospects the way that you want to.

They aren't buying your ebooks, your training programs or your training videos or mp3s.

It's frustrating, because deep inside, you know that your training works . . .

And that if someone DOES your training, their life changes, right?


Here's the reason:

Online Information Overwhelm.

The bottom line is this:

Your prospect is being overwhelmed with solutions to solve their problems.

They are googling, asking people, reading sales letters . . . and there are far too many solutions that beg their attention.

And even though YOUR solution is the best . . .

Even though YOU can teach them better than anyone else

When they buy your solution, they very quickly get lost in the weeds, they begin to see it as just one more thing to do . . .and then they become frozen by inaction.


Your training, ebooks, books, manuals, and training programs are great.

The problem is that people in today's past paced, scattered society, need a more personal touch.

They need to talk with a person.

They need to be able to ask questions.

They want . . .

Coaching . . . .

Now, perhaps in the past you've resisted offering coaching.

Because coaching feels so . . . intense.

Time intense.

Resource intense.



Enter Virtual Coaching Memberships

A Virtual Coaching Membership is a Coaching Program that is 100% Online, is powered by online content that clients are sequentially given to study, and is accompanied by one interactional coaching element such as a weekly Q and A conference call, or access to you via a forum or email/skype.

Now, I know something about you right now.

No, this isn't weird.

It's the truth.

Your eyes just glazed over.

Your eyes glazed over with that intense description of a coaching program.

I get it.

Mine would too.

But I had to get the full definition out.


But the real problem is this:

You've resisted starting a "coaching program" in the past because it simply felt too complicated.


The thing is, it doesn't have to be complicated.

Instead, a coaching program can be really simple.

There are 3 parts to your coaching program:

Coaching Program Part 1:

A Membership Website with Sequential Directions for Your Client to Achieve Success With Your Membership.

This is yet easier than that sounds . . it's simply easy training you create - or already have created - that guides your client through your membership to DO what he or she wants to learn in your coaching.

Coaching Program Part 2:

An interactional component so folks can ask questions and get help. THIS is what differentiates this from a membership and makes it coaching - the ability to ask questions and get personalized help.

Simply choose 1 of the following methods (only 1):

Telephone conference with all clients

Webinar conference with all clients

Email access

Forum Access

Coaching Program Part 3:

You need a website that sells your coaching.


Easy Copy.

An order page that works.


Yes, friend, it's just that easy.

If coaching has felt difficult in the past . . . it can be easy now.

I'll make it easy, I promise.

Here's the thing, I care about your ability to help more clients.

And I've helped thousands of clients start coaching programs

And to make it really easy

I've developed a very simple step by step sequential process, literally do this, then do that.

In just a few hours, you can design your coaching program that has the above components:

1) A membership area with your own step by step training

2) An interactional component (q and a weekly coaching call, forum access, etc.

3) A high-performing website that sells your coaching



Here's how I can personally help you get your own membership up and running:

Step 1: I'll show you how to easily design your coaching program membership:

--> How to Choose What to Teach

--> How to Structure Your Coaching Program

--> How to Deliver Your Step by Step Training

Step 2: I'll show you how to easily deliver the interactional component, whichever you choose:

1) Weekly telephone conferences

2) Video (Webinar) Coaching

3) Email or Skype Coaching

4) Forum Coaching

You only need 1 - and I'll help you decide which to use

Step 3:

I'll show you how to sell your coaching, from A-Z:

1) How to Design the Ideal Coaching Selling Website

2) How to Write Your Coaching - Selling Copy

3) How to Enroll More Clients Than Perhaps You've Ever Dreamed Possible

Now, here's how it works:

When you join my own Virtual Coaching Membership . . . .

You will literally see me model every single step YOU will do in YOUR own Virtual Coaching Membership.

In fact, as you are reading this copy right now and thinking, yes, I want to work with Sean

I am going to guide you to write copy like this for YOUR Virtual Coaching Membership so prospects enroll like crazy.

I am going to show you how to easily set up your Coaching Membership

How to Easily Deliver Your Interactional Component

And I'll model how to do the weekly coaching calls as I invite YOU to my weekly coaching call - where you can ask any question, I can personally guide you in designing your coaching program.


Here's how it works:

  • Immediately when you join my Virtual Coaching Membership Mentorship, you'll get access to my Quick Start 7 Step Easy System to Start Your Coaching Program Fast
  • You'll get access to my weekly coaching calls where I'll talk with you personally and guide you to creating your own coaching program fast
  • You'll get unlimited access to coaching program templates, sales letters you can copy, emails you can copy, and much much more
  • You'll get unlimited access to over 1000 hours of advanced, insider training about coaching programs, memberships, and online marketing to sell your coaching


Now, before we talk about the price, I want to share a pet peeve with you.

Perhaps you've been trying to learn how to start your coaching program from other coaches, gurus, mentors, whomever . . .

And you've realized that they want anywhere from $1000 to $2000 for their course . . and if you've invested, you realize it's not even complete.

or it's so advanced you'll never figure it out.


Frankly, that's a pet peeve of mine . .

I want you to be able to quickly and easily start your coaching program, and without spending $1000s.



So I'm doing something no one else in this industry is doing:

Instead of $1000 to $2000 to learn how to start a coaching program

You get unlimited access to everything mentioned above, including:

  • Complete, step by step training
  • Guided videos, pdfs, manuals, and easy checklists to start your coaching programs
  • Weekly coaching access to me, Sean Mize
  • Unlimited access to templates, sales pages you can copy, emails you can copy, and the words you can use to sell your coaching

But instead of $1000s of dollars to do it . .


You'll invest just $39 a month, cancel anytime.


Use it for one month and cancel if you want.

Build your coaching program, talk with me 4 times, then cancel.

No hard feelings.

Monthly access to unlimited coaching program training.


Plus, I'm so confident of the results you can get when you join my Virtual Coaching Membership Mentorship with Sean Mize . . .

I'll double your money back guarantee it . .

That's right . . .try it out for one full month, just $39, cancel anytime

And if after 30 days you aren't totally blown away, just ask me to 2x refund your payment . . .and I'll give you double your money back just for trying it out . . .

Now, in addition to the step by step instruction, in addition to the weekly coaching access, in addition to the templates and sales letters

I'm going to sweeten the pot and GIVE you 5 of my own high-ticket trainings I've sold at up to $1000 on my own website:

(List 5)

If you purchased these trainings separately, it's $5000 in total value

But when you try out my Virtual Coaching Membership Today, I'll give you all 5 training programs . . . and even if you cancel the membership after day 1, you keep these as my gift to you for trying it out!