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A Glimpse Into Why You Might Want to Raise Your Prices

One of the challenges of selling $100k with $37 products is that you have to make ALOT of sales.

To sell $100k in a year, you have to make 3000.sales!

That’s ALOT of prospects!

That’s why you see most folks who are doing $100k to a million a year, you see them doing $500 – $2000 launches (the average being at about $1000)

Think about the last 5 webinars or referral launches you’ve seen . . . $1000 or more to buy.

That’s why they are doing it –

The question is, can you?

The thing is, why not?

You know your topic as well as your competition.

You know your topic as well as folks selling for $1000 or more.

The only difference is that you believe folks will pay $37, they believe folks will pay $1000.

And because you believe folks will pay $37 – that’s what they pay.

And because they believe folks will pay $1000 – that’s what they get paid.

Same material $37 or $1000

Depending on how you position it, your gutsiness level, and your willingness to ask for it.

By the way, some folks tell me the reason they don’t want to charge $1000 is that some folks can’t afford it, and they don’t want them left out.

But if someone wrote and told you they could only afford $100, you’d give it to them for that – and STILL make more than if you sold from a sales letter at $37, right?

So don’t let that hold you back!

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Sean Mize