Proof Youtube Still Works and Works Even Faster Than Ever for Google Rankings

So a few days ago when I posted my weekly youtube training video . . . just on a lark, 5 minutes after uploading the video, I did a google search for the title:

5 minutes from youtube to google

that’s right – in 5 minutes, the video was number one in google for the words in the title.

Think about this: if you create videos for the exact phrases someone might ask in google for YOUR NICHE . . . and you made a video for each one, and you got ranked for each one . . imagine the traffic.

Sometimes folks ask, well you had 25,000 articles written at ezinearticles . . how did that work . . JUST LIKE THIS!

I wrote articles and they got in google and I did millions in revenue from those articles.

Here’s the thing, hardly ANY traffic source online works this fast, is this straightforward.

Sure, it’s work.

But would it be worth the hard work .. . to get an amazing amount of traffic (that is really really good traffic since video watchers on youtube spend a ton more than just about any other traffic source)

By the way, if you want to learn how to do it in youtube, how to make youtube your #1 traffic source and have an amazing amount of traffic coming in, I highly recommend Francis Ochoco’s training course:

Youtube Guru Training Course

Now, I know the page positions it as plr – but don’t buy it for the plr (you’ll get it anyhow)

Instead – it’s a 2 hour training that is JAM PACKED with amazing training on how to get your youtube videos to get MASSIVE TRAFFIC

I get some of my very best traffic from youtube, and youtube is one of my own strong traffic source efforts . . .

Get this training, you won’t be disappointed:

Youtube Guru Training Course


to your traffic success,


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