Note: you are NOT required to answer these questions . . but I have found that the simple act of answering these questions super-charges you to be laser focused on the success you want!

  1. What exactly do you teach?
  2. How does it change lives?
  3. What do you most like about going exponential?
  4. Could you be willing to change 1000 lives in 2019?
  5. How hard are you willing to work to change 1000 lives?
  6. Are you willing to be a team-player or do you want to go it alone?
  7. Are you willing to create a $1000 coaching program and enroll 100 clients in 2019?
  8. What is your biggest fear about really dedicating and deciding to sell $100k in 2019?
  9. Would you be willing to consider getting to $100k in 90 days instead?
  10. What would it mean for your family if you helped 1000 people and made a full time living doing it?
  11. Are you willing to share and work with others, to be able to help 1000s AND get to your income goal?
  12. What is the #1 reason you want me to help you get to $100k this year (or in 3 months)?

Copy and paste these answers, remember I can’t promise you any income number, I can only show the way – but I will be selective about who gets to work with me, if I think someone isn’t willing to do the work, I’ll push them out from being able to enroll and work with me 🙂

I am looking for a strong team of folks who are willing to go big in 2019 and make a full time living teaching and helping others and coaching clients . . .