Ooops – forgive me for not updating this page.


I spent the next 2-3 months after you got involved, building out a huge campaign (you should have seen it live in December)

Stats were horrible, so frankly, I disengaged over Christmas and frankly forgot to update this page and the stats . .

so I’ll get the stats and the new training in here soon!


And here is the Mastermind 2020 Access Which is Included


I’m plugging these in as line items, as I load each item, it will replace the line below:

0) My complete insider Affiliate Stats on the ENTIRE CAMPAIGN – obviously after the campaign

1) I am going to give you the entire training program that will sell in the $1000 affiliate package. ($1000 value) – as soon as it’s live

2) I am going to give you my Insider’s Power Webinar Training – this shows you how to amp up your webinars so they sell as much as 10x an ordinary webinar, using common (but most people don’t know) psychology ($1000 value)

3) I am going to give you a one hour consult with me, where I will outline YOUR $100k plan for 2020 – shoot me an email and let’s get you on the schedule (first-come, first-served)

4) I am going to give you ANY TWO classes you desire that I teach next year (value: $600 – $1600 depending on the classes) – when you see a class you want to be a part of, shoot me an email

5) I am going to give you a personal MasterClass on Deep Psychology for Selling a $50,000 coaching package . . . that’s right – $50,000  – I will schedule this


1) You are going to get extended Signature Coaching Access for 2020

Here is the access link for Signature Coaching Access (2020 Mastermind)

This is my highest level Coaching for 2020

It hasn’t started yet – will start the first week in January (note: I am ending ALL OTHER coaching programs effective December 31st, 2020

This will be my highest level and ONLY group coaching starting in January

This is a $3000 package

You get full year of access, Jan 1 – Dec 31 of 2020


2) When you invest and help me make this affiliate launch a reality, I will give you a 1/4 percent of profits.

No, this will not make you rich.

At $100k – $400k, with 30% profit estimated, that’s $30k – $120k in profit.

A 1/4 percent is $75 – $300

It’s a bonus.

It’s extra.

It’s like cash back on you helping me out.

It’s my thank you.

And hey, if it DOES do a million or something else stupid like that . . and the profit is $300k – that’s $750 cash back to you 🙂

Again – I expect it to be $75 – $300 back to you but anything can happen