Sales Letter Questionnaire

In this questionnaire, I will ask the questions to guide your salesletter.

The more complete your answers are, the more accurate your sales letter will be.

Full sentences will be helpful.

The more detail, the better (within the format of the questions, not rambles)

Questions, each line item should be a full sentence of strong phrase:

1) What are the 4 biggest reasons your clients struggle to do what you teach?

2) What are the 3 changes your clients will experience when they work with you?

3) What is your own story of achieving what you teach clients? (at least a paragraph here)

4) What are the 3 things that are better for you after learning what you teach?

5) What exactly will you teach folks in your coaching?

6) What are the (minimum) 10 things you will teach in your coaching program?

7) What is the duration of your coaching program?

8) How will you deliver the coaching (audio, video, or print)

9) How will folks ask questions and communicate with you?

10) What are the 3 biggest results someone will have in working with you?

11) Why should someone work with you?

12) Why should someone be radically EXCITED to work with you?

13) Anything else about the program you want in the sales letter?


Friend, the more you can be descriptive here, the better I can flesh our your sales letter!

Take your time on this, make it strong!