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Learn How to Go From Blank Page to Sales Page . . . Step by Step.

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Let's face it, if you're in Business and Selling your Services online, you need a Sales Page.

But, writing your content is hard, and making it look amazing is also hard.

You see, in today's online market, you must stand out and sound authentic, but more importantly, you need to connect with your audience if you want to make sales - Your Sales Page should do this. 

And to make it even more stressful you have 2 SECONDS to capture their interest, or they are GONE!

Yes, there is a way to absolutely be sure that your Product Sells . . .

send Your Audience to your amazing Sales Page.


I can see you sitting there thinking great, easy.

I will make this happen,

You start . . .

You sit,  looking at your screen.

Nothing. . .  Nada!

So you ask others who have great sales page, how they got one and you get answers like this.

  • I hired someone and it cost over $1,000.

  • I did it myself. And oh yeah I've been studying copywriting and design for years.

In fact, Coaches and Business, spend days and days in-house creating their sales pages, or they spend hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars getting it done for them.


You can create a Sales Page with the WOW factor.

Even if you have never written one before! Or worst written one and it either didn't work or it was just text on a page . . .


You need to know the right words to write and order they need to go.

And you do that is the right order . . .

First, you create brilliant Copy, step by step

Second, you add the secret sauce, design, BOOM, Success!

Fabulous you say rolling your eyes, if it was that simple every Sales Page out there would be amazing.

Let me tell you it can be that simple!

If you follow our proven step by step system. You learn it and then you can repeat it over and over again to create as many sales pages and you need.

In fact, we have put the training together in a way that takes out the guesswork.

  1. First, you focus on your writing using our fill in the blanks system.
  2. You then add it to our pre-made template and
  3. Then we give you more training on how to make it look amazing using the right design.

Introducing ...



Build A Killer Sales Page That Converts Like Crazy. In Sales Page This Week, We Walk You Through All The Details Of Creating An Amazing Sales Page In Just ONE Week. Learn both Copy Creation and Design Magic.


Client Praise for Sean

Hi Sean,

It would be my absolute pleasure to write a little about how you have helped me"

I first came across Sean Mize and his coaching for coaches programs about 18 months ago. This was at a stage in my business and my life when I urgently needed to get my coaching business up and running online but I was completely stuck and couldn't see a way forward. I was experiencing utter overwhelm and confusion. I'd looked at so many business models and spent literally thousands of dollars looking for the right answers about the way to go and all that resulted from this was more confusion and overwhelm.

And then, like a ray of sunshine bursting through dark clouds I happened to come across some coaching material that Sean Mize had put together.

I can vividly recall my excitement as I worked through Sean's videos and other content and quickly came to realise that the business strategies he was teaching were absolutely doable.

For the first time, thanks to Sean I had a clearly defined path to follow that made absolute sense and best of all was its simplicity. When you work with Sean I'm sure you will find like I did that he has this amazing ability to cut through the noise and focus you on taking the action needed to get results in your coaching business.

Sean's teaching, live coaching and ongoing mentorship has been a life changer for me and I'll be forever grateful that I found Sean Mize.

He has my highest recommendation.

- Anthony McAvaney



We then go step by step through the Anatomy of a Sales Page

As you start to write your words builds into a story for your audience wants to follow.

You add the what and why and you find yourself creating excitement

You add the key elements in the right order to give your audience the information they need.

To make it EASY for them to take action to pull out their wallet and buy!

. . . All using the power of words.

But we won't leave you there.

With only, the copy . . . we take that content and show you.


You will learn how to use typography to make words have even more impact.

As you start to build on your words with photos, diagrams and visuals to give even more power to your content. 

. . . Now you are starting to see the, WOW you can create. 


By the END of the SALES PAGE IN A WEEK Program

You will have learnt . . .

How to Write Your Sales Page Copy so in CONVERTS Readers to Clients.

How to Clearly Define Your Message so it Connects right from the HEADLINE.

How to Showcase You and your Products Clearly, Consistently and Proudly without sounding arrogant or fake.

How to use the Power of Typography Images and Graphics to Capture your right Audience in those first seconds.

And Even How to structure a page to cater for different ready styles.
• The Read It All,
• Let Me Skim the Points or
• The Just Tell Me the Price Readers.


We've divided this program into clearly defined chunks, so you won't get overwhelmed, with all the that needs to be done.

Plus we give you these BONUSES

Sales Page Template

Simple to use Sales Page template, with all the different sections you could ever want from banners, testimonial sections faq dropdowns, pricing tables and more.


Yeap, we are going to hold you accountable and if you submit your sales page by XX you do into the change to get it REVIEW on our next session.

sp this wk

Our training is done follow-along style, so you will be able to watch, as we create a complete sales page from a blank page to a fully designed mobile responsive web page.

So who are we and why should you believe us.

sean mize

Now expand on the components of the product or service. Get Specific.

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Now expand on the components of the product or service. Get Specific.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa.

Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Donec quam felis, ultricies nec, pellentesque eu, pretium quis, sem. Nulla consequat massa quis enim.


Together we use my power of words and course creation and Tina's design and product development skills to give you more value then courses 10 X the price.




  1. I will show you how to use my sales copy that allows me to make $300K per year. You will watch me live as I write the copy using my proven method. You will learn the thought process I go through to create the copy.
  2. You will be given an easy to use template with the full anatomy of a sales page including all section that you can use.  You will be about to ask questions.
  3. Next Tina will come on and go through the start design talking about typography, colors and image selection.  Once again you can ask questions.
  4. You will then go away and write your copy and start adding to the sections of your template. You have a week and then we meet again.
  5. By XXXX  if you wish you can submit your Sales Page (either just copy or start of your design also) and you may be selected to have your sales page reviewed at the next live session.


  1. In the second live call, I will review the copy of the sales pages we have selected and answer more questions. Here I go deeper into sales copy and add to your knowledge base.
  2. Tina now digs deeper into design elements, shows you more tips on picking the right images, looks at ensuring your page is responsive and discusses tips and tricks to give you that WOW you need.

Client Praise for Sean

Before working steadily with Sean, I went from training to training, program-to-program, and product to product, working through portions of many, but never quite finishing any of them.  I was buying products on JV Zoo and Warrior Plus on a weekly basis, including products from Sean. Once I went through a couple of his programs, I started to see the beauty in his simple approach and started cutting out many of the other voices to which I had been listening. Last year, I joined one of his mastermind groups.

Since then, Sean has  continually pushed and inspired me to keep removing the distractions - the plethora of "bright-shiny objects" in the online marketing world - and simplify, simplify, simplify. He keeps the model simple and straightforward. For me, his approach and support have been exactly what I've needed, like the use of blinders on a horse. He pushes his clients when he sees he needs to, pulls us when we need him to, whispers, shouts (metaphorically!), and grabs our attention off of the distractions. He has kept me moving forward in a straight line toward my goal of launching and growing a coaching arm of my music-lessons business. I launched that arm of my business last month and have enrolled three paying clients.

- Natalie

Client Praise for Tina


Tina has been wonderful throughout the whole process from start to finish. I initially approached her to build a website, but with her help, I was also able to create a brand for myself.

She helped me define my own voice and create the right content to attract attention. Since the launch of my website, I have been able to showcase my work to a broad audience and form important work collaborations.

- Raquel Peel

debra and family

Tina, you are a life saver! You revived my sluggish business with your tech wizardry! I had no clue how to recreate my website to be more engaging, more ‘me’. And without a lot of direction, you absolutely nailed the (nonexistent) brief in one go!!!

And what you produced absolutely blew my mind. If I’d known what to ask for that would’ve been it!

I absolutely LOVE my new website - it’s so ‘me’ - so authentic and real, so heartfelt and speaks to the heart of who I am and what I do. THANK YOU!

As a result, my bookings have sky rocketed. People get me now. They feel me through my website and they want to work with me. With the clarity of the brand and the carefully selected images, they see me for who I am.

I am so grateful to you. You have brought me out of the shadows and into the light. My business is thriving as a result of you.

- Debra Reeves

Client Praise for Sean


Sean Mize is truly a coach's coach! Offline, I'm a certified financial coach and trainer who has been able to apply his coaching approach to my business. Being a member of Sean's Mastermind and coaching training program has equipped me to completely transition to a virtual online format. I believe this has been one of the best things that have helped transform the way I work with my clients!

Looking forward to your new program you're releasing.

Stay encouraged Coach! You are a blessing to my life!

- Devin Stubblefield

Prior to following Sean's coaching and trainings, I was a bit lost, and unable to solve some contractions I had.

For instance : I did not know how to rest aligned with my moral principles, and sell. It was like selling was something devilish.

It was not that conscious, but there were some forces in myself that were pulling me from taking action.

Sean really helped make me to find more determination and energy.

He also simplified my vision of what needed to be done. (and rather have something imperfect in place than nothing at all.)

I followed many mentors, but of them all, Sean is the one I am the most grateful to, for how much he changed my life.

Of them all, He is the one I currently spend 75% of my learning time.

I bought many of his trainings and coaching, and always was astonished how much value he was able to transfer.

His knowledge is broad, yet unique. He is a giving person, and never tries to keep anything for himself.

He is genuinely concerned by his student's success.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet his guidance, and develop my offer under it, while making sense with the purpose of my life at the same time.

He is a concentrate of example, wisdom, knowledge, good advice, listening deep... a SuperHelper would I say.

Now my life is on tracks, I know exactly what I have to do, and my productivity has doubled, while I feel so free at the same time.

I could go on and on, but here is the final word : Sean Mize? Recommended!!!

- Jean-David Roth

Client Praise for Tina

lynn briggs

Computers have always been a challenge for me to the point of complete procrastination in turning one even on. The terminology of the IT field I found it very frustrating to understand and thought it was another language.

Starting from a deeply negative perspective, Tina’s course was easily set out with simple to follow steps. The main problem for me was breaking down all the information that I wanted to put into my website. Being of a pedantic nature, her guidance helped me break the information down into subject matter and simple to read.

Tina’s wealth of information and experience was invaluable. I found her patient and full of valuable advice once I had decided the direction that I wanted to take my business in. Her suggestions on how to capture an audience and further ideas for future web growth and changes, I really cannot put a price on. She is one of the best, relatable people that I have come across.

Lynn Briggs

Advanced Skin and Body

Sales Page This Week program


Build A Killer Sales Page That Converts Like Crazy.

In Sales Page This Week . . .

We Walk You Through All The Details Of Creating An Amazing Sales Page In Just ONE Week.

Learn both Copy Creation and Design Magic.


Don't spend $900 - $2500 to get a copywriter and designer to create your page. And then have to do it again next time you need a sales page. INSTEAD, Learn how to write your copy yourself and then design it and be able to do it over and over again.

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