sample phrasing for a webinar

Webinar Scripting – Induction Video

Discover the Secret to Increasing Communication 10x and Getting a Green Light on Your Marriage
Hi, I’m Sean Mize
In today’s training, I am going to show a way that you can de-escalate EVERY argument with your husband and wife in 30 seconds or less
and I’m going to teach you 8 different ways to do it
for a few slides I might discuss how and why this works
I might discuss how horrible it is to deal with arguments
why is this important (50 slides)
big idea
why what you did before didn’t work and won’t work

several slides – as many as needed to explain why what you did won’t work
says who this is for
if you are NOT married, this marriage class is NOT for you
please leave immediately
30 seconds

ok, married folks all the single wanna bes that think marriage is bliss forever

let’s get to work

by the way, if you are NOT willing to write email copy for 15 minutes a day for one long year in order to get good at this
this is NOT for you
please leave
because I hate to be the bearer of bad news
but if you learn some of this, you might make things WORSE in your business
so you are either all in
or don’t even start
so . .
now that the people who won’t write for 15 minutes a day are gone
let’s get to work

email marketing –
Now the thing is
Now, you’ve probably been email marketing for a long time
maybe 10 years, 15 years

or maybe it’s just been 3 years

or anywhere in between

and what maybe you’ve noticed

is that things have changed in 10 years
what used to work doesn’t work anymore
and when you try to do what used to work, people don’t open your emails

that’s from 10 years ago
but here’s what’s tricky . .
things have changed in the last 5 years
last 4 years
last 3 years
last 2 years
last year
last few months . .

that’s right
this isn’t some big switch that was flipped 10 years ago
email marketing is changing every day

and that means

that the courses you bought 5 years ago
don’t work anymore
the coaching you got 5 years is stale
what you used to do doesn’t work anymore


and if you’ve only been online for 1 year – you aren’t off the hook!


here’s why:

most of what’s sold today

was created 5 years ago

so be very very careful

things have just changed that much

even some things you heard 6 months ago might have changed

why what I’m showing you is unique and will work
teach – 40 minutes

3 things

15 min apiece

ok, great, I’ve shown you thing 1, thing 2, thing 3

now . . . here’s a review – 5 slide review

of what we’ve done today

I hope that what I’ve shared with you today has been helpful
I KNOW It’s been helpful

and the fact of the matter, I’ve given you tons of great information
like I promised
and you could do a lot with it
so if that’s all you are looking for, is the tip of the iceberg, which is all I had time for today

if all you are looking for is a few tips, then that’s good

but if you are thinking
wow! if that’s the tip of the iceberg, I want the rest . . .
would you like me to show you
how I can work with you just like this only better
in the future
to help you really go deep with .. .

ok, alright, I’ll show you .. .

I’ve created a special 12 week class where I teach you deeply:

week 1:

week 2:

week 3:

week 4:

all the way through

now we close

this class will result in you having THIS result:

tell them what they will get out of it

Now, I normally charge $200 an hour for my deep work, this ends up being about 18 hours, so if we did this 1-1, this would be about $3600

plus you are going to get a result in your marriage that you can’t put a price on . . .
this class could be $10,000

would it be worth $10,000 to save your marriage?

of course it would, the divorce is more than that
the kids are worth than that

However, because this is a small group class, and I can teach you plus 9 more folks at the same time,

I’ve decided this is not $10,000 today

it’s not $5000
but I’m slashing the price to $1000

(payment link)

now, even though it’s worth $10,000
and you are getting it today for $1000
I’m going to add bonuses

a new slide for each bonus

with a value

then a slide with all bonuses with a total value

so the bonuses are worth $7000

then a slide with the 12 weeks modules

with the $10,000
plus the bonus slide

this brings it to $17,000

but of course it’s $1000 to you today

go ahead, click the link to your right now
now, I am also want to make this easy if you don’t have $1000 all in one place today . .

so you can get started for $259 today then 3 more monthly payments of $259 each. . . .

review what they get

price slide

then ask for questions –
Now I’m going to answer some common questions

remind them of their result

give them the link again

and then say good bye