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Hi, I'm Sean Mize . . .when I'm not skiing or hiking, I help consultants, coaches, authors, speakers, pastors, and ordinary people start small by teaching online classes, workshops and virtual events, then leverage up and launch a coaching program, Virtual Event business, or a full-fledged expert business.

Coaches and Consultants: Do you dream of having a bigger audience, changing more lives, and creating evergreen training . . . without burning out or doing more 1-1s?

Since 2006, I've helped tens of thousands of clients create online courses, workshops, live events and coaching programs, and I've fine-tuned the process of helping consultants, coaches, pastors, authors, and speakers quickly create their own products and classes, and add a coaching membership to their business.

I'll share my sequential step by step process with you here:

Step 1: Teach an Online Course, Live Workshop or Virtual Event

Teach an online course, live workshop, or virtual event teaching what you know.

Record what you teach, and now you have a stand alone training program you can put on the products page on your site.

Rinse and repeat and before you know it, you have an entire line of trainings, just like the experts in your field.

When you have training programs to sell, people know you are for-real - and THEN they are willing to listen and follow you.

Here's a screenshot of a sample recorded class turned into a product . . .


Step 2: Add a Group Coaching Membership to Scale, Add Value to Clients, and Add Recurring Revenue to Your Bottom Line


Once your clients have purchased and studied or attended a class, product, workshop, or live event, or two . . .

Some of them will want more access to you . . . access to ask questions, access to more training, and so on.

With a Coaching Membership, you create a monthly recurring program that autobills, you offer a group coaching call 1-4 x a month, and include training access. This level of your business allows you to scale your coaching and consulting, without adding 1-1 hours (gets you out of trading time for dollars and allows you to scale practically infinitely)

Step 3: Build an Expert Presence That Attracts Your Ideal Prospects to Your Site, so that they buy your training and join your coaching

You may notice I didn't say "build an email list"

You see, an email list is critical  . . . but I see too many people just slapping up a giveaway, then getting "leads" - of people who aren't really prospects, they just happened to be sent to your page and opted in . . .

Instead, I'm a HUGE believer (it's what I do) in building an expert network, where people who need what you teach, find you, because you are positioned as an expert.

Call it authority marketing, presence marketing, or expert positioning . . . when you build an expert presence where others are talking about you, interviewing you, and telling their tribe about you . . .

then your email list BUILDS ITSELF.

You see, if the right people are coming to your site, and your site has an invite to watch a training or get a cheatsheet or a manual . . . you will build your list with the right people - not just freebie seekers.

When you build an expert presence . . the right prospects are DRAWN to your site . . .


Once you have those 3 elements in place, you have a business:

  1. courses, workshops, or virtual events
  2. a coaching membership or program for recurring revenue and client satisfaction
  3. an expert presence and credibility that draws the right prospects into your funnel

That's your expert coaching business, with products, coaching, and a presence.

Now, there are 2 additional components that can add to your business:

1) a webinar or sales funnel near the beginning (or front page) of your site so that you have one core, targeted (main) offer which you promote to new prospects

2) a "signature" website that really looks professional.

Once again, notice I've left out "list building" or "traffic" as the expert presence work makes that happen.

And I've left out "aggressive sales techniques" and "sleazy persuasion tactics"

Notice, right here, on my site . . . I'm simply explaining my own process step by step, and I simply direct you to the right training or information you need for that step.

And when YOU do that in your business . . .you'll be surprised at how much easier this business becomes, and when you master each step in the process, you'll be come profitable - very profitable!

If you want to learn how to build a business like I've just described, I suggest you watch this free training:

Alternate Step 4: Create a Webinar/Sales Letter Sales Funnel to Sell Your Main Evergreen Course

You've seen them before: a webinar or a sales letter or both - that sells a primary course.

Unfortunately, to make this really work, and convert, and be profitable, you can't just slap together a few pretty powerpoint slides or write a basic sales letter . . . the market is advanced, and it requires a level of sophistication.

but this is that step . . .

If you'd like to watch a free training I've created on how to do this -

with full disclosure, it's a bit dry and boring and too much talk . . .

but once it gets down to the process - it's solid gold . . .

I'll include a link here where you can watch it:



The Elements on This Page are Not Simple . . . but together they will form a rock-solid coaching and teaching business much like mine

Alternate Step 5: Give Your Website a Truly Signature/Professional Look and Feel

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 10.00.08 AM

No matter how good you are, or how good your words are . . . in today's world, the very first impression is the professionalism of your site.

If your site doesn't instantly appear professional  . . .  experts and prospects alike will leave before they get to know you. If you want to really up your game and go to the next level . . this training is a must-watch:

P.S. I know that a typical "sales technique" is to make things seem really really simple, like push button easy, no one can fail, blah, blah, blah.

I only wish it were that easy.

Frankly, building my own business wasn't easy.

I didn't build it overnight.

I didn't learn these techniques overnight.

And yes, there are several layers to my business (which I have shared on this page) and yes, it's taken time to implement them.

It will take you time as well.

If you are looking for push button easy and simple . . . a) I'm not sure it exists. b) if that's really what you want, I'm not the right coach for you 🙂 I say that with a smile 🙂

But I will tell you this: what I teach you in these videos/on-demand webinars is what I do in my real business . . . and what others do who have real businesses.

With that said . . . . I hope you find my training captivating and educational!

Sean Mize

Sean Mize