Sean Mize take on how to get laser focused

A few days ago I wrote about distractions and asked if you wanted to hear my take on how to get and stay focused . . .

a number of folks said yes . . .so here it is (by the way, if you missed what I wrote about distractions, you can read it here:

So here’s my take on focus:

Focus is really hard when you aren’t absolutely excited and determined about something.

Here’s a case in point:

You wake up on your day off, not sure what you want to do.

So you spend an hour on facebook, an hour watching TV, an hour lounging around the house.

Totally distracted, and not focused at all.

But then a friend invites you to do something fun . . . golf, rock climbing, hiking, skiiing, whatever.

And is picking you up in 20 minutes.

No more loafing or distractions for you.


You are absolutely excited about spending time doing something fun with your friend . .

and you are absolutely determined to be ready in 20 minutes.

So you are laser focused.

I believe your work is that way.

Some days I wake up and I’m not sure what I want to accomplish that day.

And boy do I waste alot of time those kinds of days.

But when I wake up in the morning, excited and determined about some task I am going to accomplish . . .

emails can come in, phones can ring, texts can happen  . . .

but they aren’t distracting  – because I am excited about what I am working on, and it’s EASY to stay focused and on task.

Here’s another example: you are watching TV with your spouse. A show you hate.

You are easily distracted.

But put on your favorite show and you say to anyone who will listen: don’t interrupt me for anything.

You put your phone on silence.

You ignore the doorbell.


Because you are excited and determined to watch that show.

I believe your work is the same way.

If you aren’t excited and determined about your work . . .

stop fighting distraction and focus because those aren’t the real problems.

Change your work so you are excited about it and determined to achieve some result . .

And you will work like no other time . . .

Totally focused.

Case in point: me writing this email.

I have been in a flow.

I have been excited about writing it for several days.

I was determined to write it right now.

So NOTHING distracted me while I wrote it.

Same thing with the big project I’m working on in my business.

I’m studying.



Laser focused.

What do you need to change in your business so that you are excited and determined again?

So that you can focus with intensity and drive . . .

Laser focused on your business, your goal, your project?