Hi, I'm Sean Mize . . . and although I'm not big on "testimonials," as I'm a big believer that YOUR progress isn't predicated by what someone else does - good or bad . . . but I know these are folks who have sent me testimonials, and if they will give you some kind of a window into what can happen if you work with me . . . I'm sharing them here  . .

Hey Sean!

I just wanted you to know that you are a beacon of light that once it has shined on you.. it will change your life. I can tell that you out alot of thought and energy into all of the products that you introduced to the public. I am honored that I am able to experience you on this level... soon GOd is going to take you above the stratosphere!

Your awesome! I believe in you. Keep going as you are an inspiration to many. Continue to let God work in and through you ... he is using you to fan the flame in everyone that you encounter.

Thank you.