Signature Coaching Business Mentoring Program

Design Your Website and Business:

Introduction Part 2:

Components of a High Ticket Coaching or Course Package

If you've been around me for long, you've already listened to this - as you'll notice most of the rest of the training is video and very visual and deep psychology . . . I intend to redo this training as a powerful video . . but until then, it's a GREAT introduction, so start here

Optional Now:

Your Front Page:

How to Create a Psychological Congruent Client-Attraction Front Page, words and basic demo

Note: this is very deep, very psychological, explains WHY - and gives a basic rendition with
practically no look and feel.

That has the content - but is dull and boring.

Now, the next video shows you how to convert the WORDS into a compelling good looking page, using beaver builder:

Converting Print Home Page into Signature Home Page With Graphics and Beaver Builder


Step by Step Implementation to Create Your Coaching Program

Listen to this first:

Total Coaching Program Overview and Fast Implementation Plan

Then follow these steps sequentially to get your coaching program started fast:

Step 1: Determine the sequential implementation to teach in your coaching program

Step 2: Add training and deliverables to each step

Step 3: Determine delivery method

Step 3.5:

How to Create a Coaching Program Download Page in WordPress, Several Examples and Upload Methods

Purpose: To create the delivery area on your website, for your coaching program (so your clients can access your coaching materials)

Action step: do what I demonstrate in the video

Step 3.5 example:

Step 3.5, example page: example simple coaching lesson page

Step 4: Write Sales Letter:

How to Write a Coaching Program Sales Letter Part 1

Part 2: Add the Emotional Component to Your Sales Letter

Step 5: Schedule Coaching Call

Step 6: Deliver Coaching Call

Steps 7 and beyond:

Deliver a new coaching call each week or 2x a month.

Rinse and repeat.

After the initial 10-12 weeks, ask your clients what they want to learn. Make a new set of topics for the next set of weeks.

You will get to the point you can iterate and simply choose a new topic each week without long term planning.

The hardest week is week 1.

They get easier and easier.

Just do it! Get started!



Create 3 Transformational Offers For Your Signature Coaching Business

(this becomes the backbone/hub of your core Signature Coaching Offer)

Day 1 - Recording 1, introduction

Day 1 - Recording 2 Deep Core Training

Day 1 - Recording 3 - Workshop Writing Full Transformational High Ticket Offer

Day 2 - Transformational Offers Workshop

and here is the recording of last week's q and a session (good stuff on here):

Day 2 - bonus q and a

Day 3:

Transformational Offers Workshop --> Watch Me Write a Webinar Sales Page/Order Form


How to Write a Powerful Email Campaign:

Deep Intense Training - How to Write a Powerful Email Campaign


What is below is archived reference. You do NOT need it until everything above this line is completed! I considered not including it . . but I believe that down the road, it's great reference . . so it's here! Sean

Additional Archived Background and Reference:

Sometimes it's good to hear something a second time, a different way, so I've included some older, archived content below.

It's NOT necessary and likely a distraction until you have FULLY completed the Core Video Lessons Above (at which point you should have a fully functioning Signature Coaching Business in place - Sean

Additional Background for a Signature Coaching Business

This was taught a couple years ago with more of an
emphasis on selling 1-1, so it's not my core focus and
concept today, but if you have the time, it's extra background:

Signature Coaching Training

Various Coaching Program Models:

Keep in mind, the primary model I have taught prior to these, is the primary model. I highly recommend starting with that model and building from there.

I include these only as advanced training, to give you ideas for improving or customizing your own coaching program.

But . . . I have seen clients in the past ignore the main model, then spend months or years trying to figure out which of the following models is "right" for them . . .

Please don't do that!

Instead, start with the primary model, use these trainings ONLY for enhanced understanding and ideas!

One Year Coaching Model

10 Day Coaching Program

$100k Membership Model