Welcome to the Signature Coaching Business Web Templates with The Full Site Download

There are 2 components to this package . .

the first is a full set of sample pages that are basically swiped from my own site.

Of course that means they have my info on them, etc - so you will need to go through each page and edit for yourself.

the second component is a full set of page templates that you can use to create your own customized pages.

That's the key component I recommend you use, as it gives you the most flexibility down the road.

so here's the first component (my own pages from my site, plus my own pictures):

All the pages (plus some)  and the sample pictures are included here:

Sample Site Pages and Pictures

There are full instructions on that page, but if you haven't done this kind of thing before, move slowly, be sure to read and do every line.

Of course, you can use the templates to build the pages on your site (rather than uploading the full 60 pages or so that were on my site):

Now, these pages do require a wordpress installation and a beaver builder license.

If you don't have wordpress hosting, the one I use and recommend is WpEngine

I've run a lot of sites over the years on a lot of servers . . . and my experience has been the best with WpEngine

yes, it's more expensive . . but worth it.

And the Page Builder plugin I use is Beaver Builder

You must purchase the $99 version at minimum (I personally run the $399 license) (the free version won't work for all the features).

Note that's $99 a year, most site builders run $49 - $100 a month . . . but when you use Beaver Builder it's significantly less PLUS it's super-easy to use. And of course, it's the one I use 🙂

And here is the 2nd Component, the Page Templates so that you can start from scratch with beautiful page templates

Obviously, these are the core pages, they come with full directions for uploading (or you can copy them if you don't want to use Beaver Builder):

Use this page and the directions, to download, upload, and use!

This can be an extremely easy shortcut to making a really professional website . . .

And once you get to learn how to use the editor, you can make basically unlimited changes and personalization!


Ok, so that's the overview . .

the order of operations will be:

  1. Get wordpress web hosting, I recommend: WpEngine
  2. Get Beaver Builder, my afflink: Beaver Builder
  3. Download the templates: Use this page and the directions, to download, upload, and use!
  4. Import the Pages if you want to use mine: Sample Site Pages and Pictures

This is a powerful process that's taken me years to get it to this point, with trial and error, seeing what does and doesn't work.

You are in a unique position to be able to ride on that trial and error and not have to make the same mistakes I've made.

But I do advise you, go through things carefully and slowly, one missed step can mean something doesn't work right!

But it's well worth the effort to have your own good-looking site YOU control!