Take My Coaching Leads and Create a Full Time Coaching Business

I’m excited that you’ve decided to check out what I’m doing . .

literally making my leads available to coaches who are willing to build trust
(I can teach you how) and charge $100 an hour for their coaching . . .

You are enrolled for my informational call today at 3:45 PM ET, there is no
planned replay, this is a live discussion, you and me, so if this would
change your life, move things around today so that you can be here live . .

I will send your access line about 15 minutes before the call (about 3:30 PM ET)

and admittance will be CLOSED about 4:00 PM ET so don’t be late . . .

Homework before the call:

Answer these 5 questions and send them to me via email:

  1. What do you coach and teach?
  2. What are the 3 biggest reasons you don’t have $100 an hour coaching clients?
  3. Do you want to make $30k coaching in 2019, $100k coaching in 2019, or some other income number?
  4. Why do you believe YOU are a good fit to take my coaching overflow – and in fact have
    access to my ENTIRE lead flow?
  5. What would it mean for you and your family to stop scratching at leads and start having a fulltime coaching business at $100 an hour? (dig deep on this one, I am going to read every response)

Answer those questions, thoughtfully, then send them to me via email