How to Apply to Talk With Sean

I'll be blunt:

I can't talk with everyone.

So let me be very clear.

This letter is NOT designed to beg, sell, or persuade you or anyone else to sign up for a free consult and pick my brain for free like I see so many other coaches doing.

Instead, this letter is designed to dis-suade, even repel, any person who is not extremely serious about growing their business FAST and obliterating the obstacles that have been plaguing them and preventing them from having the success they deserve, and that God created them for.

Again, I can't talk with everyone.

I work about 30 hours a week.

Every hour is designed to be managed well.

My highest level mentoring program takes about 4 hours a week, and those aren't normal hours.

I pour myself out with deep training, instruction and insight.

My Mastermind is another 2 hours. This isn't as mentally consuming, but I do try to teach at a deep level.

I usually teach at least another few hours a week, and I hold myself to a high standard of intense intellectual delivery, and it's important for me not to over-book my time, or I simply can't coach and consult and teach at the highest level.

I take lunch.

I work with a handful of personal clients.

I interact on linkedin.

I manage my team.

I write.

I record videos.

And I coach my highest level clients.

That could all be easily 20 hours right there . . .

and that's if I manage my time well!

And of course, these aren't 20 hours slouching on social media or reading blog posts . . .

these are intense delivery times where I'm adding value to my clients and my industry.

So you can see . . . I have to manage my time well, I am very intentional with whom I spend my time.

Now, you might be thinking . . . why all the drama about my time?

Think about this . . . . you only have so many hours each week, right?

Do you use them efficiently, and to their maximum usage, or do you allow your schedule to be unwittingly filled with people and things that ultimately don't add to your purpose, or ultimately change the most number of lives?

I get it . . . and I used to be that way!

(Of course, I still fumble from time to time)

All of that said . . . I set aside a few hours a week to talk with clients who really want to get their game plan together for moving their business to the next level.

Clients who desperately have a dream to help other people, and change their lives, combined with a desire to earn an abundant income in exchange for the life change they give others.

Like I said, my time is valuable, and I teach at a high level.

And if I were to just put a "calendar link" on this page so every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Mary could fill my schedule . .

I'd fill my schedule with question-askers who generally aren't ready to change their life or take massive action to improve their life.

So I can't just offer some "free-for-all" free consult session that anyone can sign up for . . .

However, I have resisted charging my $1500 an hour value for an initial "Scale Session" where I help clients map out the optimal journey to achieve their goals.

So instead of charging to keep my schedule from going crazy . . .

I simply limit my schedule to a few complimentary "Scale Sessions" each week, and I work hard to make sure that each complimentary session goes to a client who is going to take massive action on my recommendations so that their life and business can be turned around fast.

And the way I decide with whom I will talk and give my advice on getting where they want to go,

is with a series of questions, which when answered, gives me insight into whether that application is most likely to actually implement what I share with them.

So . . .

if you choose to fill out the application below . . .

And you are approved to talk with me (yes, I know that sounds harsh, but I scrutinize each application that comes in . . . if I see clues or red flags that someone is simply looking for some free coaching or a quickie answer to some question they should have put some deep thought into and figured out themselves . . . I just toss the application.)

Again, I know that sounds harsh . . . but it's my responsibility to guard my time so my mind can stay fresh for the coaching, classes, and teaching I do.

Anyhow, if you choose to fill out the application below . .

And you are approved . . .

When we talk, we will dig deep into where you want to take your business, your dream for your business (such as your path to get to $100k, $200k or more),

We will dig deep into what's stopping you from getting there right now (let's face it, if you had all the answers or the right implementation plan, you wouldn't even need to be reading this and considering filling out the application)

And we will discuss the best path for you to get where you want to go, the fastest and most efficient for you.

We'll explore what's stopping you from massive, explosive growth in your Consulting Business already . . .

And when you leave the time with me, you'll have made significant promise on the following:

Your Ultimate Game Plan for Rapid Profitable Growth in Your Business

An understanding of what is sabotaging your success so you can take action and overcome

Your Transformational Concept that changes lives

A Scale Plan to get to YOUR Desired Income

Clarity on the Steps it will take to get there

If you want to apply to talk with me, fill out this application:

Step 1:

I look forward to seeing what you want to grow in your business, and if we talk, be prepared to dig deep and come away with a rock-solid plan!

Sean Mize