Imagine a funnel with a $1000 training

And a $5000 product.

First, let’s talk about what a $1000 product would look like.

It has to do this:

Teach what you promise (for $1000, why not teach EVERYTHING you know about the topic)

Have step by step implementation (like, step 1, do this, step 2, do this)

Have some level of access to you (for $1000, you could answer someone’s questions via email for a month after they buy, right?)

Add in any and all docs or pdfs or manuals or trainings you have ever created on the topic.

That, my friend, is a $1000 product.

Why can’t you do that?

You CAN!

Sure, you might need some guidance.

Maybe you need to book a private session with me or something.

But you can do it.

You just do each one of those steps, step by step.

Second, here’s the funnel:

$1000 product on the front end.

3% of new prospects buy at $1000.

Then the backend:

A $5000 product. So what do you give for $5000?

Here are some ideas, which works best for you?

10 hours of step by step live implementation from you, in addition to advanced training on your topic.

And/or a small group comprised of folks who have paid $5000, they get to network and get benefitted in their businesses or whatever it is that you teach.

And/or in addition to training on your main topic (that was in the $1000 product) create training on related topics – 10 hours per topic, 5 topics in total, so 50 hours of training)

Put all that together – or bits and pieces and parts of it – and you have a $5000 product.

Next, your coaching program.

This can be $5000 for the year.

Or $500 a month.

Or something similar.

It looks alot like the $5000 product, but more of a longer – term feel for it –

A weekly lesson and live call.

Plus tons of training upfront.

Email access to you.

I could get into more detail if I went into detail on your exact business .  . . ., but in an article like this, that’s hard to do . . .

So what is the $100k funnel?

Think about this, $100k a year is only $8500 per month.

So you could see 4 clients at $1000 and one at $5000 –

month in and month out

That’s $9000 a month

Minus $500 in expenses

You take home $8500 a month.

That’s $1000k a year.

With only 5 new clients a month.

4 at $1000

1 at $5000

Can you see how much easier this could be –

as long as you get the positioning right so you can charge $1000 and $5000

than schlepping 3000 clients at $37????

What’s stopping you from doing this?


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