The Belief Necessary to Sell at $1000 or More

Do you BELIEVE you can generate $1000 sales.

You see, if you don’t, of course you can’t.

It’s just like if you believe a woman or man won’t go out with you.

They won’t.

Or you are married and you believe your wife or husband won’t have a date night.

They won’t.

Or you don’t believe you can ask for $20 an hour at work –

you can’t.

But perhaps you are thinking . . . why should I believe?

Well, first off, you know your topic as well as your competition that IS charging $1000 (or $500 or $800 or $2000 or whatever), right? (If you don’t know your topic as well or better than your competition, shame on you. It is your responsibility to be very good at what you do, or you shouldn’t sell it for anything – not $1000, not $100, not $37)

Think about this . . . people in your niche charge $1000 for their training, right?

Do you know any of these folks:

Todd Herman

Amy Porterfield

Dan Kennedy

Kendall Summerhawk

Perry Marshall
Michael Cage

Casey Zeman

and many, many others.

Their core products are around $1000.

Their coaching is around $500 a month or $5000 – $25,000 a year.

Why can’t you charge like they do?

You actually have an advantage to all of them – you have the time to work with folks more personally for $1000 or $5000 than they do.

To get much personal attention from most of them, you have to be at around the $25,000 mark.

But YOU could give someone practically unlimited access to you for maybe $5000 for the year, yeah?

Hey, you only need 20 people at $5000 to make $100k online.

And do it in 20 hours a week easy.


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