The Big One Brand New Business Model

Congratulations on choosing the Big One Brand New Business Model Insider Doc . . .

In this doc, I’m going to reveal some very specific insights that have brought me to the place of totally and radically re-inventing my business model, and why I’m willing to risk it even though revenue-per-subscriber will likely go way down –

But total revenue will go WAY UP!

By the way . . as a hint: GDPR, Facebook, and my own personal disgust with the high priced, high conversion profit model (yes, wait till you see what I spew about the conversion system the big dogs are using right now)

plus some other special insights –

have merged to produce an innovation inside me

that I’m bursting forth to share with you . . .

Now, it’s not quite ready to see yet . . .

I’ll post the first version on this page within the next 24 hours

and I’ll shoot you an email when it is ready as well!

Now, I’d like to suggest something for you personally:

BEFORE you read my own doc

expressing my own frustration with the industry

and one big reason I want to do things differently . . .

I suggest YOU write your OWN doc about what YOU see is wrong with the industry

and what YOU would do to fix it if you could do anything in the world . . . .

Shoot it over to me, if it’s good, I might ask you if I can add it to my own doc . . .

So . . vent away!