This document shows you the logical process for creating your Scalable Consulting Business


1) Craft Your Hook


The purpose of a hook is to attract your perfect client to your business, product, program, or service for further interaction between the customer and you!  It gets their attention!


Note, and this is a BIG NOTE ….


So many people make this business so complicated and it doesn’t need to be.


You see, You can use ONE FORMULA that fits ANY BUSINESS!


So, in the example I am using today, I will be Crafting the “Hook” for a “Consulting/Coaching business” but you will see how you can “fill in the blanks” to tailor it to your own specific business!


Here is the formula:


You teach (something) to help (some type of person) do  (something)


Take a look at this screenshot and see how I brainstormed what these pieces can be for a consulting business, using my Universal Formula …


A Consulting Business That Teaches ________ to help _______ to do ________ 


Notice how I have filled in the blanks with additional types of businesses in the screenshot …



Notice a pattern forming here…


You just substitute out the actual words that I use to teach this method, for whomever you teach and whatever you teach.


You can copy and duplicate every single step that I will do in this demonstration and turn it into your own.


This is the formula, the system that I use to create …

  • My training,
  • My funnel training …
  • Building my entire business


It works for everything!


This is what is so amazing about this model is that

you can fit your own business into this model and

make it work for you…

it is a universal model

that will work

for all businesses!


 In this demonstration, I show you how to do this using the example consulting business … “Teaching Coaches to Teach online”


You can perfectly customize it for your business… just follow the example and Design Your Own Coaching/Consulting Business Today!


The next thing we need to do is to


Scale Your Consulting Business


But, before we get into a SIMPLE way to SCALE YOUR CONSULTING BUSINESS, let’s stop and take a look at the “typical” model that is widely used by many and this is


1 v 1 consulting model


This model works differently than the Productized Model – that I will explain in just a bit –  as you have some limits on what you can do.


For example,


  • If you coach 20 hours a week,
  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • You charge each individual a set price


As humans, we have our limits before we just burn out and we have a finite amount of time to work within.  Coaching 1 on 1 more than 20 hours a week over a period of time, is a recipe for disaster.


The only way to increase income is to


  • Coach more people or
  • Charge more money.


Can you see the burnout coming?


You have limitations and if you exceed those limitations you will burn out.


There is a far better way …


The Productized Consulting Model


This model allows you to SCALE your consulting UNLIKE the 1 v 1 Model…


You create a productized consulting offer that allows your ideal client to learn, for example, at least 90% of what you teach pretty much served up on a platter!


You see, in this method, what you teach within your training area …


Thousands of people learn it because …


  • You teach the information once,
  • You speak it once,
  • You record it once
  • Thousands of people hear it, consume it and benefit from it!


You don’t teach the same things 20 times to 20 clients!


Teach it once!


Thousands benefit because it’s …




The Model we will use


The Productized Consulting Business Model”


starts out with …


An Opt In


This generates a prospect that is now in your circle…which could be in your social community, in your auto-responder campaign, in your inbox all depending on how you market.


Typically, we think of an Opt In as a free gift, HOWEVER, the opt in could be …


  • A buyer,
  • Could be a $97 product buyer, or a
  • $1000 buyer


So, the very first step is the investment of $97 or $1000 OR trusting you with their email address to join your list.


An Offer


For your client to


  • learn from you,
  • to join into some training at a specific price,
  • which is a productized offer
  • where you might charge $1000, $3000, maybe $10,000 –
  • it’s up to you –
  • and also, a membership training area
  • that might include optional live consulting.


For example:  You might have group question and answer sessions, group office hours, a group master mind and it could also have some component of one on one.


In essence, the above is really 2 levels of training…

  • The 1st level is the “Offer”
  • The 2nd Level is some level of Live Consulting.


Here is a screenshot to further demonstrate this concept…




The Squeeze Page


A squeeze page “Squeezes” someone into giving you their name and email address in exchange for some training, and often we think of it as being a checklist or pdf or manual but, that training also can be


A Video Webinar Training


And that training would actually be a kind of a microcosm of a big picture.


For example:


You have a training area full of modules or programs that go deep into whatever it is you teach.  The webinar training you offer as an Opt In, is just a small piece of that entire training are, a microcosm of your entire program or product!


When they “Opt In” to this webinar training, they immediately go to the page that has the training on it…no waiting.


Also, on that page that has the training you promised, is also your sales letter that will lead them to potentially purchasing your product as well.


This is an example of the “Squeeze Page”



This is the page they go to IMMEDIATELY after signing up that delivers what the “Squeeze Page” said they would get!



And on this page , as I mentioned before, is a sales page where folks can enroll and purchase the course.


Now, you can still deliver a pdf or checklist etc. for the opt in,




You can still include your webinar or maybe a special offer you have prepared for them, like this …


  • They opt in for your checklist, or eBook etc. and
  • instead of waiting for it to show up in their inbox,
  • it can immediately go to the next page
  • where your webinar or special offer is and
  • it says, “while you are waiting for your E-book,
  • go ahead and watch this video or
  • check out this amazing offer created just for you today!


And remember,


that page will also have the “sales Letter” below the video so they can purchase and enroll in your offer!


This is the process I have used for over 10 years, to generate revenue on day 1 after someone becomes a subscriber.  It is so effective! 




People don’t buy, because this offer process is not congruent!


Here’s what I mean by that…


Many people say there will be an IMMEDIATE download, but the subscriber has to wait 10 minutes for the email to show up!


That is not IMMEDIATE, and people don’t like that, they don’t buy!


So, you CAN use the “Download” option …


But, just make sure you complete your promise!


If you say IMMEDIATE,

which does boost conversion rates,

it MUST BE IMMEDIATE and that is why the statement

“ Watch this training while you wait”

and then the video page opens up IMMEDIATELY,

is a really great idea!


Here is a Diagram of this process…


–> You can see the “Squeeze Page”,

–> Next to it is the “Training” you promised…

–> A checklist, a manual, an E-book or webinar training…

–> On the same page, below the “Promised Training” is

–> The sales page/letter.


Take a look …



Only a percentage of people will buy on the sales page no matter if it’s a low ticket offer or high ticket.


This requires an email campaign that sequentially gives them various reasons for investing in this program.


Your emails can follow the Who, What, When, Where, How process


Who:  Is this for?


Is this training program for you?


If you need “this”, it’s for you, if you need “this” it’s not for you…


What:  What am I going to teach?

I am going to teach “these things”…

If you want to learn “these things” then…


When:   Is it dripped over time?

      One lesson a week for 6 weeks?

                When does this occur?  Etc.


Where:  Where does it occur?

In my training center, all of this training is what you get when you join, etc.


Why:     Why is this important for them to get this particular offer…

                Here is just 1 example of what email 1 might look like …


Hi it’s Sean,

I noticed you opted in to get the checklist earlier today,

I just wanted to make sure you received it,

here is the link just in case and

by the way I have prepared a special offer for you

and here it is.


All of this is a system… called a FUNNEL.


 The Squeeze Page, The Sales Page, The Email Campaign …



That IS Your Business Model!


X number of people come in and some percentage of people buy on day 1 and some percentage of people buy on days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 .


The true key in this business is being able to invest

  • Some amount of hours
  • Or money
  • So that you get out of it more money or
  • More clients than you put in…


Let’s take a look at “The Funnel Concept” …


For example:

  • You put in 10 hours a week for a year of your time ( social media, video marketing etc. )
  • Let’s say that 10 hours yields 100 subscribers
  • Out of that, 2 people become buyers of your $1000 program
  • Which equals $2000 in revenue


(These are all fictional numbers but will give you a great idea of this concept!)


This example shows you how when you put 10 hours in and generate $2000 revenue on the front end, your time is worth $200 an hour


So, to grow your business, and keep in mind that there are only so many hours in a day and you can’t just keep working more multiples of 10 hours like in the example, right?


So, instead of putting more time in,



 Some video ads …

  • Content marketing and
  • Social media ads and more


We already did the hard work to get our first two clients and made $2000


so how about, let’s say over the time period of a month, instead of investing more hours, instead invest some money from what you made!


  • Let’s take 20% of what you made (20% of $2000 is $400)
  • And for that $400 you invested,
  • Let’s say you get 100 more subscribers,
  • 2 buyers and
  • Make another $2000 like this:



Maybe next time you invest

  • $600 that
  • generates 150 subscribers and
  • makes $3000 more and more… see the diagram…



Or now invest $900 … like this…



Now, remember, these are all fictional numbers, however,


This is the process of reinvesting to grow the business to the place where it becomes a bigger and bigger business and it becomes a scalable business plan


The beauty of this is, that you

  • Just teach it once,
  • Record it and then
  • It is there for thousands to learn from.
  • You don’t have to teach it a thousand times!!!!


That is what we call a SALES FUNNEL


Now instead of having one sales funnel like we just saw, what if you have 3!

  • Maybe an entry level and then
  • Another one that is 2 months down the road and
  • A third one that is 2 more months down the road and then
  • A higher level, for folks who want more of you or a deeper level with you,
  • You have a guidance or a mentorship program that is priced at even a higher price.


This is a big picture that as you build this business out, brick by brick…

A Squeeze Page,

A Sales Page,

AN Email Campaign …



And then eventually add the 3 levels we just talked about…



This is a “Bird’s Eye” Overview of what you can build over the next year!


You start out and build this:



Then this…over the course of 6 to maybe a year…



All of this allows you to have somewhere to grow to!