The Fundamentals You Need to Have In Place in Your Coaching – Training Business

Sometimes coaches complicate the things you need in place.

Sure, in theory, and when you’ve been in business for 10 years – you can have 100 things – or 1000 moving parts if you want to.

But right NOW when you are starting – all those parts do is confuse you.

You need a basic framework NOW.

So . . . here is the basic framework you need NOW:

1) a website that shows you off as being a real professional.

If your website does NOT look professional, you are going to struggle, struggle struggle and not know why. You see you might be driving facebook or youtube or search traffic – but no one is buying. What if they are coming to your website, they see your website, it looks really hokey, so they think, this person isn’t serious, so they look for someone else to learn from?

Friend, that happens.

YOU’VE probably done that to someone ELSE’s website!

Bottom line: YOUR WEBSITE must look good.

Find a way to make it happen!

(Note: it doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as easy as googling “professional coach theme” on google and spending $100 for the theme and then doing a little work to personalize it.)

2)  A Coaching Program

If you don’t have a coaching program – how will anyone take you seriously that you are a Coach?


Even if you have ZERO clients you MUST have a page on your website that describes the details of working with you.

That can be: Hire me 1-1 for $75 an hour (or $750 an hour, whatever your charge)

Note: WITH A PAYMENT LINK so that it’s obvious you are a real business.

If you don’t have a payment link, you aren’t in business.

No one wants to hire a coach who isn’t in business.

3) Create a few products.

Here’s how: Write an outline for a topic you can teach on.

Say it has 10 things you could teach.

Make a recording (video or audio) for each one.

Now you have a 10-track recorded training program.

Write a sales letter to sell the 10-track recorded training program.

Put a link to the product sales page on your site.

You MUST have a product FOR SALE on your site

4) Have a way for people to keep in touch with you.

A facebook group.

An email list.


Not having a way for people to get in touch with you is like having a towing business but no phone number for people to call.

You don’t have a business if you can’t get in touch with your prospects!

My personal preferred method is email, but if you are really resistant to that – do SOMETHING.

Start a facebook group.

Get active on instagram.

DO SOMETHING to keep in touch with people who are interested.

5) Start creating content that attracts folks to your professional site.

Now that your site looks like a real business, you have a training product and a coaching program, plus a way for folks to get in touch (preferably email, but it can be facebook, etc), it’s time to start getting traction online by creating great content that attracts folks to your site.

You can:

create 5 minute amazing videos about each of the topics you teach and put them on youtube and then tell everyone you know about them.

You can do 20 minute facebook live sessions teaching a new topic each week and invite everyone you know

You can do content on instagram

or facebook

or linkedin

or everywhere

but if you aren’t creating content to attract folks to your site – you aren’t in business!

Friend, those are the core pieces you need in your business to have a real coaching or training business.

If you are missing ANY ONE of them – you aren’t in business.

If you try to rationalize that it’s okay if your site looks like a 2 year old made it –

If you try to rationalize that you don’t need a sign up page for your coaching

If you try to rationalize that you don’t need to create a training product to sell –

You are rationalizing your way into delusion-ville

and until you have ALL of these components in place, you don’t have a business!

Not trying to be harsh, just wanting to be super-transparent because I see so many people who aren’t doing these things, yet they are constantly wondering why they don’t have clients.

It’s like it’s totally irrational.

Now you know the truth –

what are you going to do about it?