In this post, I’ll begin sharing some tactics to finding places where your prospects hang out  . . .

The key principle is that you must solve a problem, then it’s simply a matter of finding out where people are asking about that problem.

Must define problem completely

Then define who needs help

Then maybe narrow your target market based on that

Do multiple google searches, see where google is sending them.

Do multiple facebook searches, see where facebook is sending them.

Are there any blogs that solve the problem?

Are there any forums that solve the problem?

Google advertising trick: buy cheap content network ads, see which sites they are running on and getting traffic.

Use search terms like this weight loss inurl:forum

or weightloss inurl:blog

or weightloss inurl:feed

or google weight loss + guest posting

or weight loss submit article

get creative, spend a few hours searching . . .

You CAN find where your prospects are ALREADY online

There generally is a big site for every niche . . but if there isn’t, based on what you see, is there opportunity for that?

Forums – only good ones

Not always the topic . . who NEEDS your service . .

Go where THEY are

Get on every list you can

Build relationships with every list owner

Do something for them

write a post about them

send to your list, facebook, everywhere, and make sure they see it

reciprocity abounds!

Build relationships now, ask for favors later

Get IMMERSED in the niche

KNOW what others are doing

Look for opportunities

SEE opportunities so you can jump on them

SEE ads to see where you can advertise

click ads, see what folks are doing