"Step by Step How to Build a 100% AUTOMATED Sales Campaign That Works on Autopilot"

Sean Mize says:

Do you dream of creating an information business where subscribers buy $5, $8, $10 or more from you in your automated sales funnel campaign?

Are you frustrated because you've been trying to do something like that . . .but frankly, there's no training to show you HOW to do it all, you just have to keep settling for this step, that step, but nothing ever really comes to together so that YOU are making the MONEY you deserve?

Are you frankly, speaking, angry, that you've spent the last 3 years learning bits and pieces and you STILL don't have a working automated sales funnel?

Are you irritated that you can't figure out how to create an autopilot income selling information teaching what you love?

If so, I get it.

And it's not your fault.

Because I've been in this business for over 11 years now, and I've NEVER seen a genuine beginning to end course that shows you how to do it.

What would it mean for YOU if I showed you step by step exactly what to do and how to do it to build YOUR OWN information business, selling your information in an automated sales funnel, where, once created, you simply send folks to your squeeze page, for free or paid traffic, then they go through your multi-product AUTOMATED sales funnel . . .and buy and buy and buy again?


How would it feel to have a 100% automated business just like this, with just 5 moving parts:

Squeeze page with your prospects main buying HOOK

Then a download page that HOOKS them into believing and trusting YOU to teach them.

Then a series of one page offers that are super - easy for you to deliver

but deliver big bang for their buck to your buyers

Imagine you have an AUTOMATED sales campaign that works like this:

Get 1000 new subscribers to your list in month one:

In week 1, 10% purchase your first product (maybe it's a $17 product - so 100 buy at $17 so $1700 in revenue.

Week 2 you have some attrition, you have your second product for $37 and 50 buy at $37 so you make $1850 in revenue.

That's $3550 in revenue your first 2 weeks, on 1000 subscribers.

Then week 3 you offer a $99 product and 20 people buy it . . for $1980 in revenue, bringing your 3 week total to $5530

And now in week 4 you offer a drop-down offer for $20 and get another 100 buyers . . .for an additional $2000 so your 4 week total on 1000 subscribers is $7530

That's $7 per subscriber your first month . . .

And imagine that you had to spend $2 per subscriber to get those subscribers . . .

if you knew that you would have a return of $7 for every person on average you invested $2 to get on your list . . . it would be worth it, right?

It might look like this:

First month, invest $2000, get $7000 back

Next month, invest $2000 the first week, and $2000 the 3rd week (reinvesting part of your $7000) and take in $14,000 your 2nd month.

Then your 3rd month add one more unit of investment . . .invest $6000 in subscribers (get 3000 subscribers) and take in $21,000.

Now, those are hypothetical numbers, your campaign could do better or worse than that.

And it will need some tweaking, it won't perform that well on day 1.

But I'm guessing you are seeing the power of being able to invest up front for subscribers and then because you have 3+ products in an AUTOMATED SALES FUNNEL

you create a predictable return revenue on those subscribers in a predictable time period.

How would that feel, to have an automated sales funnel like that, where you invest in traffic up front to get subscribers, then they receive a daily email and a percentage buy from you each day . . . .

What would that mean for you and your family

If you could get rid of the roller coaster, up and down revenue, guessing when folks are going to buy from some big launch you are going to do next month

or some affiliate campaign you are hoping will sell . . .

But instead, you have a predictable sales funnel, with trackable emails that go out each day

And convert, like clockwork, at a certain percent.

Now, you might be thinking, well, this sounds like what the Big Boys of the industry are doing.

And you are right.

THIS is what the big information marketing companies do, behind the scenes, to generate big revenue, consistently.

Hint: the secret to this is the consistency.

You see, if your sales funnel process isn't consistent, you can't invest a predictable amount on traffic because you have no clue what your return on investment will be.

But when you know from the stats and the automation that product 1 converts at 10% and product 2 converts at 5% and product 3 converts at 8% and on and on . . .

You can predictably invest in your front end, just sending folks through your automated selling campaign.

Hint: this is the secret behind the following big companies' success:

Agora Marketing (rumored to sell $500 million PER YEAR in inforproducts)

Eben Pagan Productions (and estimated $80 million PER YEAR)

Russell Brunson ==> est. $30 million PLUS

Ryan Deiss ==> est. $30 million PLUS

They aren't doing it with cookie cutter launches and basic launches and one-time dealios . . .

Nope, they have automated backend selling systems that predictably deliver x $$ in revenue per $ invested up front . . .

And their big launches are just cream on the top . . . like oreos on the top of my favorite ice cream!


Now, you might be asking, why aren't these folks teaching this?

Ok, I can't answer for each person.

It wouldn't be fair to put words in their mouths.

But think about this . . .

is it possible that they just don't want the golden goose to get out?

is it possible that they know that if they had a million competitors like you . . .

doing what they do . . .

doing what I do . . .

that their own profit margins would go down?

And that they are better off selling inforproducts themselves

(Agora: the world is ending sales pages)

(Eben Pagan: You can write your own book and be a messenger sales pages)

(Russell Brunson: You can build an eccommerce funnel in my $25,000 Mastermind)

(Ryan Deiss: supplements and hoard a year of food and knives because the world is ending)

Ok, look, that might be a bit sarcastic and maybe I shouldn't have written that . . .

And they might say about Sean Mize:

(Sean Mize: You can build a coaching program and change the world, ha, ha)

So in all seriousness, we all have found our own "niche area" where we are experts and we know what sells and so we sell it.

But the truth of the matter is this . . .

What you are doing isn't working.

Spinning your wheels, trying to do launch after launch,

making new websites left and right,

starting a new idea each month

isn't working for you

But what WILL work for you . . .

I believe this wholeheartedly

Because it's what I do . . .

And my top clients have done it . . . .

I've had clients go from $200 a month to $2000 a month

$3000 a month to $9000 a month

$1000 a month to $5000 a month

and story after story

about how folks have leveled their income

increased their income

made it possible for their husbands to quit their back-breaking work

and on and on

Using this automated Sales Funnel Method

I've only taught in small classes, limited trainings, and deep coaching in the past

But all that changes now

I'm creating a brand new

Beginning to End

Self-Study Training Program

Where I will teach you step by step

Exactly what to do and how to do it

From beginning to end

How to choose the EXACT hot button topic in YOUR NICHE that folks WILL BUY

And how to create one new product per week in just 3 hours per week for 10 weeks

so that in 10 weeks you have . . . get this:

a 10 PRODUCT automated sales funnel

I''ll teach you the emails to write to automate

How to automate them

The Secret Ingredient for Your Squeeze Page to Get High Conversions

The Hidden Hook Method that is rarely taught outside of $2000 MasterClasses with the Gurus

The Secret Congruency Trick that can double sales (OR MORE)

And much much more

All told, if you'll do exactly what I teach you

in this brand new, never before released

Automated 10x Sales Funnel Training Program

In 10 Weeks YOU'LL Have YOUR OWN Automated Sales Funnel That makes sales on autopilot

And better than that . . in just 3 weeks time you can be making your first sales

so that you can start re-investing your profits to increase revenue fast, fast, fast

Now, I've never shared this complete funnel process outside of my deepest, highest paying clients (folks who have invested $5000 or more to work personally with me)

And I considered pricing this at $500

and it would be worth every penny and more

because when you take this information, DO what I teach you to do, and start getting a return on your investment

Day in and Day out

$500 is a drop in the bucket

But frankly speaking, a $500 price tag would price some folks out - they just couldn't invest that right now

So I've decided for the pre-release of my Brand New Automated 10x Sales Funnel Training Program

Instead of $5000 as former clients have invested

Instead of my original price of $500

You'll invest just $99:

10x Sales Funnel Automation Training Program

Now, you might be thinking, why is Sean doing this?

Can I share something with you?

Just a day or so ago I was rueing the fact that only one Guru on earth was teaching the HOOK part of this process . . .

And for something like $400-$500

And I was thinking earlier today

That NO ONE is teaching the full beginning to end model I am teaching

NO ONE is teaching the Agora method of backend monetization

NO ONE is teaching how to get 10x returns with an AUTOMATED sales funnel on autopilot

And I'm thinking, that's just crazy

that's your bread and butter

and the truth of the matter is this . . .

if YOU'VE been contemplating going back to work

or contemplating that maybe no matter how hard you've worked

this infobusiness thing just isn't working for you . . .

I want to change that

Because I've personally made a full time income online for 4 months shy of 11 years now

(a full 10 years and 8 months full-time income)

Every year after the first, well over $100k in revenue (and right close to $100k the first year)

and the thing is

You can have that life too

I genuinely believe it

But since no one is teaching this complete model

I believe it's time

It's time someone does

and this might become my webinar staple training at $387 or even $997 in the future

But right now I want YOU to get in today

and in 3 weeks I want to see you making sales of your first product

and in 10 weeks I want to see YOU with a 10-product Automated Sales Funnel

Where you pour new subscribers in the front end for $1 - $2 each

and take $8 - $10 per subscriber out the backend on autopilot

So if you are ready to do this

If you are ready to stop the launches

stop the insanity

stop the guessing

and just build out your own Automated Profit Machine

Your own Automated Sales Funnel That works on autopilot even when you are sleeping or on vacation like mine does . . .

Instead of $5000 like prior clients have invested with me

Instead of the $500 I contemplated initially

Instead of the $387 or $997 I may charge for this in the future

You'll get the entire training program for just $99:


10x Sales Funnel Automation Training Program