"Discover the Secret to Launching Your Own Coaching Program Within 7 Days . . . 100% Guaranteed!"

Dear Information Marketer:

Are you frustrated because although you know WHAT to do to start your coaching program, you just haven't done it yet?

Does it irritate you that your competitors - who aren't as good as you - have a coaching program - but you do not?


Do you have clients or subscribers asking if you have a coaching program . . . but you have to say “no” and turn away their business because you just don’t have one created yet?

Have you thought about creating a coaching program, but thought it was too much work upfront?

Here's the thing: it doesn't have to be that way!

I remember when I first got started offering coaching:

The first month I launched my coaching program I enrolled 22 clients at $97 a month.

Within a few months I was up to about 60 clients paying each month. I was taking over $6000 a month in coaching payments after just a few months of offering coaching.

And the best thing is, over the next 3 years, I pain stakingly fine-tuned the coaching delivery process so that selling and delivering coaching is a breeze!

That's right - I've personally developed a coaching delivery model that gets your clients GREAT results, but only takes a few hours of your time to coach 10-100 clients AT ONE TIME!

I know that sounds incredible, so I'll tell you about the coaching model I developed in a minute, but first,

let me ask you this:

How would it feel if I could take you by the hand - giving you step by step the exact concise instructions I've used with multiple clients over the years to teach them how to launch their coaching program fast?

Each lesson I will tell you EXACTLY what to do for that day to start your coaching program. I will give you an EXACT homework assignment of what to do and how to do it.

Then you will do it.

And within 7 days, you will have your own coaching program.


With clients.

Clients enrolled in YOUR coaching program, paying you $97 per month to be in your coaching program.

You'll be delivering them coaching in 1 hour a week, using my simple system.

How will that feel, when 3 weeks from now, you have at least 1 client in your coaching program?

What if you have 5 or 10 clients?

How would that feel?


Here’s the coaching model I developed:

1) All coaching lessons are automatically delivered in an autoresponder.

2) In the coaching lessons, you do all your core teaching - you know, the things everyone needs to know in your niche

3) Once a week, you hold a one hour open coaching call where anyone in your coaching program can call in and ask questions.

4) That’s it. It's a simple model - and it works!

In fact, when you first start, you don’t even have to have your lessons created.

You just create one lesson each week based on what your first round of clients needs.

Then as you create them, put them in your autoresponder so that future clients will get those lessons automatically.

This is easy to do, easy to keep up with, and you only have to talk with clients at a predetermined time each week, you aren’t getting emails and tweets 24-7.

Now, the one question I get from folks about this is, what about people who want 1-1 coaching?

Well, 2 things: 1: you can still offer 1-1 coaching if you want, just price it so high that almost everyone will choose group.

But, seriously, the group coaching works better - even for your clients for this reason:

An hour a week is too much for your clients to handle, after the first couple of weeks.

Cause you can teach a lot more in an hour than your clients can DO in a week!

So your clients get behind, and you get frustrated on the 1-1 calls. And your clients do too.

But with group coaching, the first couple weeks they are in, you just spend more time with them on the group call.

As they settle in, they have fewer questions.

But they can come to the call each week, listen in on everyone else’s questions - and a lot times there is a huge mastermind effect that happens where someone will ask a question another client didn’t think to ask, and your answer gives your other client a big idea they can use in their business.

Folks like this because they get their questions answered each week, but they aren’t committed to talking with you for a full hour each week as if they had signed up for 1-1 coaching.

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t cost you much to launch your coaching program.

You already have an autoresponder, you probably already have a teleseminar service, all you have to do is write a sales letter and let clients sign up.

And as soon as you have even 1 client, you can start coaching.

Before long, you have 10,20,30 people paying you $97 a month for a few hours of work - total - each month.

The bottom line is this: if you set it up the way I teach - the way I just described - you can coach up to 100 clients in 4 hours a month.

(My experience is that with 100 clients, only about 10 will come to the live call each week and ask about 1 question each)

And right now, if folks are sitting on your list, needing coaching, and you aren’t coaching them - you are leaving money on the table.

What could you do with the extra payments coming in on autopilot each month?

Would you like me to show you personally exactly how to do this, and launch your coaching program by Wednesday of next week?

If so, you will love this: I have created a brand new training program teaching you step by step - do this first, do this second, instructions exactly how to launch your own coaching program fast -


My Fast Start Coaching Program Launch Course-

Here is what you'll learn:

1) How to determine the topic of your coaching program

2) How to structure your coaching program

3) How to find out exactly what your prospects want in your coaching program

4) How to automate your coaching (exact tools)


1) How to create the first lesson

2) How to set up your first coaching call

3) How to do your launch campaign (using the system I personally use in my own launches)

4) How to get prospects primed to sign up when you send out your coaching sales lette


1) How to sign up as many clients as possible as fast as possible

2) How to re-run your launch campaign each month to keep your coaching class full

3) A secret method of turning $97 a month clients into big - paid - in - full - for - a - year clients

4) A kick in the pants so you will just DO IT! This was a highly - targeted, highly concise training. It walks you straight through the entire process, from beginning to end -


Now, this is a powerful, action-packed training program that is action-oriented. Instead of a bunch of theory and long winded lessons, this cuts to the chase fast and gets you launching your own coaching program FAST - within the next week!

You can literally launch your own coaching program on Wednesday of next week, if you follow along each day.

There is a homework assignment each day, and as long as you do the homework, your coaching program will be ready to launch on Wednesday!

PLUS: I am going to give you an immediate download where I give you the complete launch overview in a one-hour recording so you can start planning things immediately!

PLUS: I am going to give you my $1,000 “How to Write a Coaching Program Sales Letter” training as an additional bonus - this will come to you on the 2nd day’s homework lesson.

(And you get EVERYTHING as an immediate download so that you can start studying EVERY tactic TODAY!)

I know this sounds too easy, too good to be true.

But it IS easy the way I do it.

I have probably the EASIEST coaching program launch system in the world, which you know if you've read my book.

And I'm gonna back this up 200% to prove it to you:

Get started today.

Do every step I teach.

Then launch your program on Thursday or Tuesday of next week, and if at least 3 clients don't sign up - I'll give you your entire investment back 2 times over - that's right, I'll double your money back if you don't have at least 3 new clients by the end of next week!


What would it be worth to you to have 30-40 clients paying you $97 a month or more?

Here’s the thing, if you simply enroll 10 clients a month, in a few months, you’ll have 30-40 people paying you $97 a month.

That’s $3,000 - $4,000 a month in additional income, for about 4 hours of work a month.

That’s around $1000 an hour to you - from prospects who are already looking for coaching, and if they don’t buy it from you, they’ll buy it from your competitor.

And of course, if you enroll more, you’ll have more clients - if you enroll 20 a month, you’ll quickly have 60-80 or more people paying you $97 a month on autopilot.

I remember when I first got started and I launched my first coaching program.

22 clients signed up the first month at $97 a month.

Within 3 months I had about 60 people paying me $97 a month.

Then I raised the price to $197 a month.

About 1/2 my income my first 3 full years online came from coaching.

And the best part about it was this: each month I had $5,000 - $7,000 coming in on autopilot each month.

That was money I didn't have to write a sales page to get.

What would that mean for you?

How would it feel if you had $5,000 - $7,000 a month coming in on autopilot?

What would it be worth to get to that point?

I remember when I was finetuning my own program, I invested over $30,000 with 3 different coaches to learn all the methods and techniques I currently know and use.

And it's been worth every penny, as my coaching business has flourished and grown.


Here's the thing:

I could have set this up as a $1,000 or $2,000 class and just taken 2,3,4 clients.

But I want to not only make this a no-brainer for you -

But I want it to be something that you can just make a decision right now to do.

So that next week you can have paying clients paying you $97 a month.

So instead of $1,000

instead of $2,000

instead of $5,000


It's just $97.

You will recoup that when your first client enrolls.

And double your money when you 2nd client enrolls.

And after that you are in profit.


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P.S. Perhaps you are thinking, this just sounds so simple . . . is it really worth the investment?

And here's the answer: it certainly is! Here's why: when I created this training program my goal was to get folks to take action right away and get results fast - to start their own coaching program fast.

I didn't want to load it with theory and multiple, multiple steps that would be hard to follow or take too long.

Instead, I wanted this program to jump-start you so that YOU can launch your own coaching program NEXT week.

It's powerful training, and I suggest you snag it while you still can at the charter pricing:


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P.S. The thing is, probably the biggest thing holding you back from it is . . . just doing it.

And that's what this Fast Start Coaching Program Training Course is all about.

It's gonna be like a boot camp.

I'm gonna give you direction, and you are going to implement it.


And get clients.


And each client you get will be one more closer to the income you desire. Because each client that comes on keeps paying month after month after month.