"How to Sell Coaching Clients Using Free Strategy Sessions or Free Consults"

From: Sean Mize 10:07 AM

To: You IF you want to sell coaching clients over the phone THIS MONTH


Are you frustrated because when you get on the phone with a prospect to sell him or her coaching, you aren't making enough sales?

Do you get to the end of the call, everything sounds good, and they say "I have to think about it"?

Or do you simply want to learn how to close your coaching calls better, so people sign up and become subscribers?

Do you get frustrated that you simply aren't selling enough coaching over the phone...or simply that they don't buy as much as you 'd like them to?

Do you get irritated trying to write your sales script so you tell them everything about your coaching program, and give them the feeling you are a good coach, without giving away too much? Honestly, it's a tough balance to strike, and it's not easy, is it?

Perhaps your prospects say all the right things all the way through your call, and you can tell they are a really good prospect...but when the rubber hits the road and you ask them to pay for your coaching, they lock up like a bank vault?

And perhaps you want to sell higher priced coaching, because you are giving your coaching away for less than it's worth?

And maybe you also want to simply get better at closing...at knowing what to say when they say "I need to talk with my husband" or "That's too expensive".

How would it feel if you knew you could consistently close 2 out of 5 people you talk with, like clockwork, and close them for bigger coaching packages than you are selling now, and that there was a simple formula for closing more clients faster?

What if you discovered that there is a very easy method - a very specific order of asking questions in a sequence that literally forces your prospects to give you the trust you want, and leads them to buy when you ask them to?

That would be pretty cool, wouldn't it?

Well, I am here to tell you now - that very specific order of asking the right questions at the right time in your selling conversation exists. And it exists in such a way that when you get it right...you build strong bonds with your prospects, and they are literally begging you to let them into your program. You see, the formula that works to get people to decide they want to work with you is the same formula you would unconsciously use if you were talking with someone personal in your life about their problems.

In fact, you already know deep down inside of you how to do this - but you don't know how to adapt it to a "sales call"


First - the obvious - most people don't know what the psychological triggers are that compel people to trust you and follow your directions.

The second - less obvious - I believe most people simply freeze up and don't know what to say when they get on the phone with a prospect. Even if they know the trust triggers, they don't know how to use them in their coaching selling call.

And because of that - there are lots of people out there, like you, who get on the phone with a prospect - and are closing 5 - 10 times less than you should be.

What does that mean for you? It means that if you just do a few basic things - like a very certain structure to your coaching selling call...literally placing each kind of question in a certain order and asking it a certain way, - YOUR coaching sales calls can have the same great responsiveness and profitability you have been looking for, that not only creates trust and relationships with your prospects, but...

YOU can CONSISTENTLY close record numbers of clients into your coaching program over the phone.

Now, perhaps right now you are thinking - well, I've heard all of this before - you are simply selling me a system that is going to 1000 other people and as soon as they all start using it, all the prospects in my niche will have already heard this pitch and so your coaching selling system won't work anymore.

And I surely understand why you might think that - because that is what so many "systems" have done in the past - tried to use word for word copy and paste pitches that 1000 people or 100,000 use, and they are no longer effective..

But there is one critical difference in this system: and that is that instead of telling you the exact words to say in each phone call and forcing you to follow a cookie cutter copy and paste pitch that doesn't connect with your subscribers - instead my sytem tells you exactly what kind of questions to ask (for example, I teach you how to tell your prospect how the call is going to work right at the beginning, in such a way that they agree to take action at the end of the call, what kinds of questions to ask about their situation, and how to close them into your coaching program without a script, and many, many more) - and how to structure your phone call so that it is not only effective - but it gives you an unlimited range of choices of what to ask and say AND -I tell you EXACTLY how to order your phone call and what parts go first, second, third, and so on (yes, I have this down to an exact science)

And THAT is just ONE of the things I am going to teach you about selling coaching over the phone.

Let me explain:

As you know, I am Sean Mize - and in the last 4 years I have personally mastered the process of selling coaching programs over the phone- and on average I convert 44% of the qualified prospects I talk with into coaching clients - I have turned ALOT of prospects into coaching clients AND I have personally used EVERY tactic I teach you in my program, so each of the methods I am teaching you are WORKING today and are EVERGREEN so that they will continue working for a long time to come.

Now, I don't tell you this to brag - in fact, most of my clients would tell you that I know exactly what to do and how to do it, and I teach them heartily - but they would also tell you that the reason they work with me personally instead of hiring someone else is because they trust me so much. Because I tell it like it is.

And the truth is, I am good at what I do - asking the right questions to build trust and converting those prospects into buyers.

And I regularly charge clients upwards of $12,000 to learn my secrets.

Let me give you a peak "behind the curtain" of how I have developed such a powerful method of converting prospects into coaching clients and how I know exactly what converts and what doesn't, and to what kind of prospect.

First off, I have personally talked with around 300 prospects one on one over the phone, and have kept track of each one....who bought, who didn't, what their demographics are, how long they have been on my list, what they bought before buying coaching, and many more details that I have studied intensely to understand who buys and why.

And in addition, I have worked personally with dozens of clients, guiding them and even helping them to write some of their own coaching selling scripts - and I have evaluated the responses of their clients to these phone calls.

What this means is that I KNOW what converts and why...and I have studied intensely the exact triggers that it takes to build trust and relationship, and to create enough of a bond with your prospects that when you tell them to "go here and buy" ... they do.

And some of this information I have been drip-feeding to my highest level clients, and allowing them to test my methods on their own prospects...and I have found that my methods work very well across many niches -

So I have decided to make all of this available to you in the form of a downloadable, easy to study system that you can begin using TODAY to start selling more coaching clients fast.

Now, this system is arranged like none other I have ever seen.

Because instead of being loaded with dozens of hours of content that you literally have to sit through dozens of hours of teaching to get the nuggets you need, I have organized this into 18 10 - 60 minute "chunks" of highly - targeted information (it is a total of about 15 hours of targeted coaching sales teaching all together), so instead of having to listen to dozens or even hundreds of hours of material to learn exactly what to do and how to do it...you can go directly to the recording you need each day, for the part of the selling call you are working on that day.


In fact, some of the material in this course has only been taught to my highest level clients online...and may never be revealed again by me in any form.

Are you ready to receive access to the system that will completely revolutionize the way you sell your coaching, and change your life?

If so - keep reading - don't skip to the end and just buy this yet - because I want you to see how very powerful this is...and I want to explain a little more about how it works.

I teach you:


1) What to say at the very beginning of the free consult to set the stage for selling coaching at the end. (If you get this wrong...you will lose most sales). You see, when someone comes to the phone call, they are expecting you to coach your heart out for an hour, but if you do that, you will have put a "band-aid" in their problem, and they will think they don't need coaching - of course they need you, but if you do this wrong, you lead them to believe they don't need you - so they don't buy

2) Exactly which questions to ask to get people to open up and tell you their problems so you can determine if you can solve them

3) Exactly how to ask additional questions to get your prospects to tell you how bad they need your service, and how bad it is without having what you have

4) Precisely how to financially qualify someone before you get into price, so they don't get to the end of the call and copout, telling you they can't afford it when they can

5) Several very specific, powerful, and effective closes you can use to close the highest percentage of clients possible

6) Dozens of objections, covered word for word, exactly the way I handle them on the phone

7) When to offer payments, and exactly how to do it (if you drop to payments too soon, they think the package has less value, and don't buy). Do this right...and you will double your coaching revenue

8) How to position your offering so that it makes the most sense for someone to invest with you

9) How to get someone to invest with you on the spot instead of waiting, even if they typically wait and clear things with their husband or spouse

10) Precisely how I handle it when someone wants to think about it...and how to get them to act now instead of waiting (and likely choosing not to invest)

11) My exact formula for telling them how to make the payment in such a way that they DO make the payment


And much, much more


In addition to my step by step system for doing a coaching sales call that converts- and the exact system for making sales to your prospects, you are also going to learn:

1. Exact openers you can use to get people to trust you immediately.
2. How to create incredible levels of desire for your coaching immediately.
3. How to ask questions on your call that offer the right balance between digging into their pain and showing them what their life could be like working with you
4. How to correctly ask the deep questions so that they consistently create trust and sales.
5. How to create the precise balance between teaching and asking questions to maximize sales to your prospects.
6. Learn the BEST way to ask for the order.

You'll also discover the answers to these specific questions that my own subscribers have asked about email marketing:

1) Do you have a specific technique to build value over the phone? (Alex)

2) My biggest challenge is knowing what to say on the coaching consult (John)

3) Do you collect payment over the phone on the initial call (John)

4) How do you look someone in the eye over the phone and ask for the order with total congruency and conviction? (Tony)

5) How do I do the call so that they don't feel sold, instead they feel consulted to? (Marisol)

6) What do I ask them to get them to tell me what their real problems are?

... And how do I close????


In my brand new system, I answer all of these questions....and many many more!

I also teach you:

1. How to use a specific set of questions so that they trust you quickly, and buy from you when asked.
2. How to answer each of the following objections so that people buy (exactly what they are and how they are used as well):

"I need to think about it"

"I'm not sure it's for me"

"It's too expensive"

"I need to talk with my wife about it"

"I need to talk with my husband about" (by the way, there is a VERY different way to talk to a woman versus talk to a man about this..if you do this wrong, you will lose the sale. Do it right...and you will get the sale)

"I'm not ready yet"

"I don't want to coach for that long"


I will teach you each of those types of objections, exactly how to deal with them, exactly what to say to get people to buy your coaching after responding with any of those objections (plus several more)

3. How to know exactly how much to coach them on the call, and how much to simply ask questions. If you coach too much, you will lose the sale (I explain why in my program)

You see, for selling coaching over the phone - you can only sell coaching to people who not only need you - but think they need you. And if you coach them too much and tell them how to fix their problem without you - then, you guessed it - they don't hire you. And if you don't get this right - you will be consistently losing sale after sale, only to find out that 2 weeks later they hired a different coach.

4. How to know the precise point at which you need to ask for a commitment, based on their responsiveness
5. How to easily tell them about your program so they really desire it
6. How to close (A unique twist on this, you probably have never seen this before)
7. Why some types of people convert well on phone calls and others don't- and how to know the difference
8. How to prepare your prospects to buy your coaching from the very first 2 minutes on your phone call...so they don't tell you they have to think about it before buying.
9. Discover my own secret for getting women to buy without talking to their husband even if they are supposed to - AND how to get men to get too proud to ask their wife...they will sign up to defend their honor and take care of their family (this is controversial)
10. 3 simple questions you can ask when they tell you it's too expensive so that you can find out EXACTLY what they can afford and tailor your package to that need and their budget.
11. Step-by-step methods for closing each prospect


Ok, are you ready now? Do you want to see exactly how I consistently close 44% of the qualified prospects I talk with about coaching?

If so - I suggest you download a copy of my new system TODAY.

The reason for this is that because of the high level of information contained in this program - I am planning to transform this into a much higher priced course - with a possible price of $10,000 to get access to this.

And truth be told, $10,000 would still be a drop in the bucket for someone to learn how to discover the secrets of doing coaching sales calls that convert at 44%, wouldn't it?

Let me reveal something to you...each new client is worth about $6000 to me in profits.

That's right - each client I sign up is worth about $6000 profits to me. And I realize that is high...most of you are probably in the $500 - $1000 range per client. And frankly the difference between a few hundred dollars per client and $6000 per client, when multiplied by several new clients per month...is huge.

In this system you receive everything you need to know to sell...an unlimited number of coaching clients in such a way that it consistently produces high profits month in and month out.

What would it be worth to you to know exactly what to say and how to say it to get people to join your coaching program the first time they talk with you on the phone. Would you like that?

And that is why I believe that when I take this to the next level - and allow this information to be available only to clients who pay me upwards of $10,000 (and I already have dozens and dozens of clients who have paid me in excess of $5000 or more to learn some of my other secrets) - this will still be a bargain at $2000.

So....why am I going to discount it for you today?

There's one big reason: I need testimonials. You see, I have used these coaching sales techniques for years now to create massive profits.. But because I haven't shared all of this material with anyone...no one else has used it like I have. And frankly when I release the $10,000 coaching selling mastery coaching program...I need testimonials - and my goal is to have 100 testimonials.

So....the only thing I ask is that if you take advantage of the discounted price today - that within the next 30 days you will send me a testimonial telling me exactly how many new clients you have sold using my system, and how many new relationships and clients you have created as a result of using my system? Deal?

OK - so instead of $10,000 for this life changing information - as long as you are willing to send us a testimonial after you make your first few sales - your price today is not:





it is only $2000

As I have done before, I reserve the right to raise this price at any time.

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P.S. I have been using these techniques for several years to outfox, out sell, and out dominate my competition in my niches online. And these coaching selling techniques are one of the biggest reasons I get such high client monetization (like I said, I get over $6000 per client monetization rate). The reason is that I have one of the most responsive coaching selling systems on earth.

Because of this, I don't have to resort to mailing multiple affiliate offers, begging my subscribers to please buy in the next mass launch so I can win some contest, or spend thousands of dollars on traffic just to get more subscribers because I'm not monetizing the ones I have, like perhaps you have tried and failed with, or perhaps you see others use with minimal profit margins.

One of the real keys to my monetization is the highly responsive personal phone calls, and my special question sequence that literally tells you exactly which question to ask where and in what order, depending on your price point and selling options (your coaching program length, what they are getting in your program, high priced, low priced, etc.)....and until now, I have shared all of these techniques with NO ONE.

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