High Ticket Advanced Training


I closely follow a number of folks who do $100k a month or more.

And many that are higher and lower.

This has been CRITICAL to my recent success and plans.

There is a whole world out there of marketers who are doing huge numbers . . .but if you don't know where to look, or if you end up spending wasted hours looking and finding the wrong people . . . you get on the wrong path.

So it is CRITICAL that YOU watch folks who are doing what YOU want to do.

Whether that's your income level.

Or that's the style of your business.

You MUST understand what THEY do and why.

You need to do more than just read their sales page.

Or see their home page.

Really watch what they do.

That doesn't mean you invest with everyone.

You can.

But instead, choose ONE person that is doing EXACTLY what YOU want to do . . .

Hire that person.

Do EVERYTHING they say.

Hire an accountability coach if you need that.

It's your responsibility to find your own weaknesses.

It's your responsibility to overcome YOUR weaknesses.

If you need accountability, hire an accountability coach.

If you need daily instruction, hire a coach that provides that.

If you need to chat with a human every day for 15 minutes, hire a coach that has that.

HIre a coach that teaches you EXACTLY what you need . . .

I'm going to include a list of names, interviews, etc.

You might need to google to find some of these.

Remember, some people have multiple sites.

Follow a few of them.

Watch some webinars, listen to some interviews.

See how they do things.

Then - at some point


Hire someone to help you.

Todd Brown

Bastian Ernst of WildAudience.com

Melyssa Griffin 

(documentation: Melyssa Griffin interview)

John Lee Dumas

Caitlin Bacher

Jamie Sears

Sunny Lenarduzzi

Taki Moore of MillionDollarCoach.com

Oli Billson of https://www.oliverbillson.com/

Remember, these are ordinary humans just like you and me,

Don't be intimidated that they have nice websites.

It's just a theme and links to podcasts, etc.

Nothing that YOU can't have.

They are normal people.

They just have built funnels and webinars, etc -