How to Create a Workshop Business Workshop

Initial Training: Overview of a Workshop Business:

How to Start a Workshop Business From Dead Scratch

How to Start a Workshop Business From Dead Scratch Discussion

Workshop Business Full Model - Golden

Workshop Business Full Model Discussion

Workshop Business - How to Get Traffic


I unintentionally ended up teaching this live for a private client group . .

so I will hold a live q and a with Workshop clients to answer any additional questions

(since I won't be re-teaching this live)

I believe you'll see that another take wouldn't be better 🙂


Steps to Creating a Workshop::

1) Decide what to teach

2) Write the sales letter

3) Create download page

4) Create payment button

5) make payment button direct to list and/or download page

6) Create download page with link to zoom

7) Use vimeo to store recordings from zoom

8) Put recordings of zoom call (Workshop) on download page


Steps to Creating a Workshop Business:

Rinse and Repeat. One Per Week. Upsell Coaching.


Here is a sample workshop sales page:

Sample Sales Page

Here is a starter access page to copy:

Starter Access Page to Copy

Here is a Sample Workshop Download Page

Sample Workshop Download Page

Here is how to write the sales letter:

Sales Letter in 90 Minutes Part 1 - Writing the Outline and Parts, Hero's Journey, Etc

Sales Letter in 90 Minutes Part 2 - Discussion About Software

Sales Letter in 90 Minutes Part 3 - Formatting the Sales Letter - Basic in Beaver Builder