Linkedin Mentoring Program

Note: As you can see, the latest training is listed last.

If you haven't already watched starting in Hour 2, be sure and start there, then watch the bonus training, then Hour 3.

I know this is a few hours of training . . but if you will consume it all, you'll have a deep brand new awareness of what linkedin can do for you:

Linkedin Mentoring, Hour 3

Deep Dive Live Prospecting in Comments

Daily Helping and Prospecting

Linkedin Bonus: Live Prospecting Searches and Content/Comments

Part 2: Live Prospecting, Comments Prospecting Plus Discussion of Moving Through Lead Funnel

Linkedin Hour 2:

Leads Through Funnel - Illustrated With Live Funnel and FlowChart

Linkedin Script Connection Request and Gift Offer

Linkedin Mentoring Hour 1: Prospecting

The Interview Method

Part 2:


The very first place to start is to read this doc carefully:

The Linkedin Game Plan and Connection Scripts

Then start with the videos on the left, then the work on the right.

yes, this is a lot of material - but you are going to be able to master linkedin for coaching leads!


Linkedin Prospecting Part 1

Linkedin Prospecting Part 2

Linkedin Scripts


This is an indepth, deep look at prospecting in Linkedin  . . .using some new concepts for targeting and attraction.

Linkedin Prospecting Workshop


Additional Linkedin Notes:

Bonus Linkedin Networking and Prospecting

More: Get Unlimited Coaching Traffic:

Get Unlimited Coaching Traffic

More unlimited coaching traffic ideas:

More Unlimited Coaching Traffic Ideas

Another bonus, it's on youtube so just a bonus, not part of this training:

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