Scalable Consultant Breakthrough Access

Step by Step Building Out the Model:

Watch this first:

Illustration of My Own Core Funnel

That video gives you the 30,000 foot overview . . .

the modules below systematically guide you to create what I just described above.

The business is SIMPLE but it's easy to see it as complex.

If you can see it as simple, then build it simply . . . you can grow fast!

Module 1: Fundamentals of a Consulting Program Funnel:

preamble - how to go to the next level during the crisis

Overview of the Productized Consulting Business Model

Determining Your Hook and Tagline

Outline Your Consulting Topic

Module 2: Squeeze Page

Design Squeeze Page


Module 3: Consultant Webinar Funnel

How to Script the Opening of Your Webinar

How to Write Your Story for the Webinar

How to Script the Teaching Part of the Webinar

How to Write the Transition and the Close

How to Style and Format Your Webinar


Starter Script I Used for the Webinar Training:

Powerpoint Version

PDF Version

Additional Webinar Depth (this is not all necessary, use as needed to add depth to your webinar)

Sometimes seeing things/hearing things from a different perspective can make a difference, if after studying everything above you are still thinking, okay, I'm missing something, watch/listen to as much of the following as necessary NOT to replace the above, but to add to it as necessary:

Watch Me Write a Clients' Webinar

Bonus:  if you need more depth, an additional approach:

How to Write the Story and Backstory to Make Your Teleseminar or Webinar Believable and Thus Sellable

Module 4: Writing the Email Campaign:

Building Psychological Campaign Trust

How to Build Powerful Trust in 5 Days

High Speed Trust and Engagement

How to Write a Powerful Daily Email

Module 5: Write the Sales Letter:

Write Sales Letter:

Master Outline of the Sales Letter

==> pdf notes with sales letter formula

Building the Sales Letter With a Page Builder