Watch Me Build a 5 Day Challenge in a Day Workshop

This is a live workshop, it was 3 1/2 hours, and I've just downloaded the recordings.

I likely won't get them all live tonight, but I'll add them here as I do, this first one is the initial psychology and concept, so start here, and I'll add the rest as I get them live (I'll post these to the right, in order.)

Thanks for your patience! but wanted to get this one on fast so you can start watching!

However, there's some deep psychology that comes into play that is critical to the success of the 5 day challenge.

Listen to  these trainings before we meet for the workshop for more depth:

Building Psychological Campaign Trust

How to Build Powerful Trust in 5 Days

High Speed Trust and Engagement

How to Write a Powerful Daily Email

also, read what I wrote here:

WARNING: this is a LONG email. It's worth reading every single word 2x.

without distraction.


here goes:

there's been a lot of promotion around learning 5 day challenges the last few weeks.

here's the backstory:

they work really, really well to get clients.

and they have for a long time.

So why NOW?

because the folks that were using them were using them surreptitiously

they worked SO good

I'll share why in a sec . .

but . . . something strange happened right after the shelter-in-place/stay home/

quarantine type thing happened . . .

tons of marketers started SLAMMING the market . . .

many have likely gone out of business (have you noticed that your inbox has CHANGED?

great, credible sources are teaching more

many fly by nights and marginal teachers . . notice they haven't been mailing much?

(I think it's because they can't make it in this market)

really good marketers are doing GREAT

but the marginal teachers - my prediction is that this recession will CLEAR the market out

of marginal teachers.

so now normal sales pages aren't doing too hot.

normal webinar (puff and fluff style) aren't doing too hot.

what IS working


personal interaction

1-1 calls

1-1 calls are working VERY WELL right now.

so . . .

if sales letters and most webinars (puff and fluff style)

are NOT working . . .

what's going on?

it's personal interaction

people have been SO exposed to the rampant selling and noise . . .

that they aren't responding to it

They ARE responding to personal interaction.

That's why 1-1 calls are doing so well right now.

but think about this . . .

what else can provide a higher level of intimacy/touch?

Imagine a way to get highly interested prospects to deeply

engage with you for 5-7 days.

Deep engagement.

2-3 touches (or more) per day

deep conversation

meaningful training


Formula: Daily intimacy PLUS daily training + daily social for-7 days

or for short: "Deep Engagement, 5-7 days, 2-3 touches per day"

Whatever you call it.

DO THAT any way you can make it really happen . .

and it's working like crazy.

So . . enter 5 day challenges.

It's like they are the perfect fit for "Deep Engagement, 5-7 days, 2-3 touches per day"

It's like they were made for that 🙂

so THAT's the psychological reason 5 day challenges work so well.

Personally, I think you could automate a 5 day challenge like this:

Make 15 videos (3 per day)

Make 5 main pages, each has one video on the page.

It teaches something deep.

Comments below the video, that hook into facebook (facebook helps because

of the social cred)

a link to the 2 additional videos (for more intimacy and depth but DON'T push them

so people who don't click to the further 2 videos, don't feel left out)

Note: the pages are evergreen.

the facebook posts are evergreen.

EXCEPT you must add something to facebook each day.

THEN - the selling "thing" is a personalized, workshop style webinar


do one live one per week.

(not evergreen BUT it's just once per week and since it's follows right after the

5 day evergreen challenge

and the facebook involvement

it makes it so you can do evergreen 5 day challenges but not create new content all the time

Ok, that's my 2 cents.

The "Formal" 5 day challenge is just a framework that gives rules and steps to

doing a 5 day challenge.

remember -it's not the "5 days" that makes it work

it's the intimacy, it's the 5 days of great training, it's the social

it's kind of like those 3-4 daily video launches (aka product launch formula style)

the psychology is the same

Ok . . . I gave you the Evergreen Challenge Formula right

I could make a complete $2000 course out of it if I wanted

I don't want to.

3 other people already have 🙂

slightly different rules and processes - but remember, the exact rules

and processes aren't what makes it work

the daily intimacy PLUS daily training + daily social for-7 days

IS what makes folks BOND and trust you


you can hold a personalized webinar and then they buy

THAT's the conversion formula for getting new clients through 5 day challenges.

or 3 day product launch formula launches

or 7 day challenges

or 4 day extravanganza

I hope this really helps you see that it's not what it's called . .

but it's the exact psychology that happens when you do this:

the daily intimacy PLUS daily training + daily social for-7 days

IS what makes folks BOND and trust you

and any way you can make that happens . .

leads to client enrollment


P.S. just remember this:

"Deep Engagement, 5-7 days, 2-3 touches per day"

5 Day Challenge - Psychology and Concept:

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