Transformational Offers Workshop

Welcome to the Transformational Offers Workshop!

Today’s training:

Transformational Offers Tying It All Together

short final discussion about the last class and rest of year training




Classes in order:

Here is the recording of our first session today:

Recording 1, introduction

Recording 2 Deep Core Training

Recording 3 – Workshop Writing Full Transformational High Ticket Offer

Day 2 – Here is the recording Transformational Offers Workshop

and here is the recording of last week’s q and a session (good stuff on here):

Day 2- bonus q and a


Success Path For Webinars

Intro to Concept of Power Webinar

Transformational Offers Workshop –> Watch Me Write a Webinar Sales Page/Order Form





Now, I’ve wrestled over which software to use to demonstrate making your offer pages. The fact is, there are 1000s.

I’ve ultimately chosen to use the one I personally use as a “jack of all trades” on my own sites, and the good news is it’s one of the least expensive good page editors as well.

Of course, if you already have one you use and like, just be sure to know how to use it on Wednesday as I can’t give technical instructions for software I don’t personally use!

And of course you can check out alternatives like thrive themes, elementor, divi, and then services like samcart or thrivecart.

They all have pros and cons, one big one being price – many being as much as $97 a month  . . . but I have personally used Beaver Builder for years, and although it requires you to be a bit more creative for design, it’s very robust, you can make a page look ANYWAY you want, and you’ll see me build actual order/sales pages in Beaver Builder on Wednesday, and it’s a one time download instead of a monthly fee.

I highly recommend you either have the page builder or order form builder of your choice in place and if it’s not Beaver Builder, know how to use it.

If you choose Beaver Builder, be sure it’s fully installed, and at least try to make one page with it so you at least know where the controls are!

If you will come fully prepared for this Workshop, you will be able to create transformational offers on your site that will totally transform the way your clients perceive you!

To get Beaver Builder through my link, I do get a commission, use this link, or google for it:

Get Beaver Builder Page Builder

Also, if you want to see a demonstration of Beaver Builder, I show one here, it’s an old video, very basic, but will give you an idea of how easy it is: demonstration of Beaver Builder


The next step  is to carefully and thoughtfully fill out the answers to these questions, and send them to me:

Part 1 :

1) What exactly is your Coaching CONCEPT (what do you teach)?

2) Why do you believe you should do it?

3) How will your COACHING CONCEPT change lives?

4) What challenges have you had in the past trying to build your business?

5) Why do you see the next few months being different?

6) On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to following through on achieving your COACHING BUSINESS and doing the work necessary to make it happen?

Part 2:

7) What challenges have you faced in the past in trying to implement your BIG DREAM?

8) If you have never started, why not? What held you back?

9) If you have started, but failed or stalled, what happened?

10) What do you see as your 3 biggest weaknesses?

11) How do those weaknesses stunt your growth?

Part 3:

12) Who desperately NEEDS what you are going to teach, share, or sell?

13) Why do they need it from YOU and no one else?

14) Is anyone else doing exactly the same thing?

15) How is YOUR solution different or better than everyone else who teaches what you want to?

16) How is YOUR solution going to change people’s lives?

17) Is your solution simpler or more complex than the existing solutions?

18) Do you want to be the LEADER in your business concept, or just go along with everyone else and get by?

19) Did you make MORE revenue last year online than the year before?

20) Are you already selling your solution in a smaller form, but you want to go big and viral now?

21) If so, how many units do you sell each month, and at what price each?

22) Do you have an enthusiastic fan base to whom you can tell about your great idea? If so, what is that fan base, and how many are in it? If not, are you willing to be enthusiastic about inviting new fans and subscribers to your list?

23) If you KNOW you can change lives, but haven’t been able to, what are the top 3 things that have stopped you from doing it?

24) Do you want to follow a proven model, or do you want to re-invent the wheel?

25) On a scale of 1-10, how bad do you want to change the world with your solution?

26) On a scale of 1-10, how bad to you want to make $100k this year with your solution?

27) How hard are you willing to work to make it happen?

28) What are you willing to drop or get rid of to make $100k this year changing the world with your solution?

29) What will be the 3 biggest things that would change in your life if you get your transformation coaching  business off the ground?

30) Final question (yahoo!!) – what is going to be the BEST PART about working with me on this?

Take the time to make these answers deep – you probably already see that just answering these gives you great clarity!

Once you’ve answered those questions, listen to the first track or two here, this will give you insight into what you can put into a program . . . don’t think of this as “instruction” or “this is how it has to be done” but instead just “food for thought”, concepts to give you an idea of what can be included in various offers:

Signature Coaching

And watch this:

Design a Coaching Program

Let’s get you to the next level!