TU – Watch Me Create an Automated Funnel Live on Screen in Less Than 60 Minutes

Welcome to watching me create an automated funnel live on screen in less than 60 minutes . . .

Like I mentioned in the email, I goofed yesterday and although I taught the “what” I missed out on showing the “how” and today I am going to design a COMPLETE selling funnel live on screen in less than 60 minutes (that’s the goal anyhow, if it takes a few more minutes, it would be okay, right?)

Here’s a question for YOU:

what would it do for YOU if YOU had a 100% automated funnel selling your own training program?

is that what you are looking for?

what would be the BEST part about having a business like that?

Shoot me an email, I honestly want to know!


Anyhow, the training was live, and it’s already happened, but I uploaded the recording so you can watch it here:

(it may not be live there yet, come back in a bit, I uploaded it, but had to run so decided to post it here before it might be live . . just come back in a bit!)