Use these 3 tools to start your productive week off right

the first tool is to be ultra-clear on what you are going to accomplish this week.

If you are not clear, you will spin your wheels, waste time, do things that look productive – they even fill in your diary and productivity 
spreadsheet and you tick off items on your to-do list – but if you are just doing them to be busy – you are wasting your time being busy.

So you gotta get ultra clear on your objective, or you are going into this week with a guarantee you won’t be productive.

the second tool is to be laser-focused, really zone in, on that one thing you are going to accomplish this week.

It’s the first thing you work on, the second thing you work on, the third thing you work on.

If you so much as say, I’ll just do this little thing over here . . . you are taking away from the thing you are going to accomplish this week and then
maybe you won’t accomplish it . . .is it really worth not focusing, to not finish?

and the third tool is this: you must be so relentless in the pursuit of your goal that nothing distracts you.

Seriously, if you are so totally focused on what you are doing . . . like when you are driving 95 on the highway, having the most important 
talk of your life, or skiing, golfing, or shopping . . .

You don’t have TIME or wilingness to be distracted . . . so you are not.

Distraction means you aren’t focused.

It’s like the ultimate test of focus . . . if you are truly laser focused, you are not distracted.

So here’s a review: ultra clear on your goal, total focus, so relentless in the pursuit of that goal that you cannot be distracted.

If you’ll do those 3 things this week, you’ll have an amazingly productive workweek.

If you do not, your week will likely be just as unproductive as last week . . .