Watch Me One Week’s Work – Day 1

Ok, I’ve completed the videos of the first day’s work.

Keep in mind, the primary point of these videos is not to show you how to do everything, it’s to show you WHAT I do in my 16 working hours each week, and show you THAT I do it.

You should be very aware of WHAT I am doing and notice what I am NOT doing.

Note: the audio is low on many of the videos, you’ll need to listen in a quiet place.


Here are the videos:

First hour, first project of the week

My proposed schedule for the week

My strategy for the week

Writing the first email campaign

Writing the first live email

That’s all for today – about 3.5 hours of work

Also, went skiing for about 1 1/2 hours

and took the dog for a 3.5 mile hike

Day 1 Revenue: $1600: $400 from new watch me campaign, about $100 membership income, and $1140 from “final day” email for last week’s product.

Keep in mind, sales rotate each week . . . each week when I launch a new product, I get sales from that product, then final day sales come in the following week . . . and so on. Depending on the exact day of the launch, the revenue will all be in one week.

But this week I get last week’s final chance sales, next week I’ll get this week’s final chance sales, so it’s a rolling process.

See you tomorrow