Watch Me Work for One Week, Day 4

Here’s what I’ve done on day 4:

I started about 7:30 today:

My first video I wanted to demonstrate my daily planning session:

Daily Planning Session Video

Then I wrote my 2nd sales letter this week (and have already made 3 sales, yay!):

Writing a Sales Letter in 30 Minutes Demonstration

Then I hit a wall . ..

seriously, I tidied up the sales letter, answered some emails, and just got tired a bit of working, and when that happens I find myself doing the old lopping habit – looping from email account to email account, looking for something interesting to do.

Which means . . I’m not going to fight it.

I’m going to call it a day soon.

Keep in mind, thought, that although I haven’t done everything I set out to do, I did the following:

–> 2 videos (above)

–> launched a new product

–> did some research

–> answered client emails

–> created this post

–> discussed some things with a business partner on a project

So it’s not like a slow day motivationally for me, was a waste.

And I’ve got a few more little tasks to do.

Then I’ll wrap it up.

Update on weekly revenue so far:

Day 1 Revenue: $1600: $400 from new watch me campaign, about $100 membership income, and $1140 from “final day” email for last week’s product.

Day 2 revenue: $1002: 5 class sales, plus 1 watch me sale

Day 3 revenue: $1172 + 4 class sales, plus 2 watch me sales + $188 in recurring past revenue


so if my math is quite right . .. that’s $3774 the first 3 days 🙂

And since it’s 12:00 now – that’s about 4:30 for the day . . . I should be averaging 4 hours a day so far, for 16 hours thus far in the week . . .


we’ll see what revenue looks like for today (hopefully we hit the $5k)


cause I want to work a little overtime to make up for today’s loss of productivity!


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