Watch Me Work for One Week, Day 5

I intend for today to be a short day.

I like to take Friday’s off, but perhaps partly because of the time spent documenting here, there are a few things left undone, so want to finish some things up before the week.

Here’s a diagnosis of the week so far, especially as it pertains to my schedule and how I adhered (or didn’t adhere) to it:



Day 1 Revenue: $1600: $400 from new watch me campaign, about $100 membership income, and $1140 from “final day” email for last week’s product.

Day 2 revenue: $1002: 5 class sales, plus 1 watch me sale

Day 3 revenue: $1172 + 4 class sales, plus 2 watch me sales + $188 in recurring past revenue

Day 4 revenue from this project:  $196 + $385 + 100 = $681  –> 1 class sales, 5 sales of the new youtube challenge, and 2 sales of the watch me campaign

So a total of $4455 in 4 days –