"Watch Me Create a Brand New Non-IM Business"

Do you want to create your own passion/purpose based business but get stuck in all the actual implementation and planning?

If so . . read this carefully as it could change things for you!

Dear Client,

Do you want to make an impact in lives this year, as a faith-based teacher, or in a passion/purpose niche, or do you want to radically change lives online

but . . you are tired of all the hype and income promises and over-top guarantees that ultimately mean nothing?

Are you frustrated with trying to find a way to get started online, you've followed multiple teachers and mentors who promise you millions . . but still you stay stuck?

Are you stuck in the mire of implementation - stuck on your site, stuck on graphics, stuck on the technology, stuck on what to say and what to write?

If so, I understand.

I remember very clearly when I got into the IM business . . .

scratching my head, what do I teach?

You see, like you, I had an itch to make a living online, I had taken some time off between jobs and traveled some . . . and as I was laying on the beach, I was thinking . . .how can I make this my life?

And in fact, that's when I bought my very first intense IM training program that showed me how to get started!

But I still didn't know what to teach, what to share, how to share it . .

And worst of all, I didn't know all the techie secrets and shortcuts I know now!

I didn't have the email templates, sales page templates, copy templates, etc., that are available now.

But the very hardest thing was getting started . . .

With no list,

no subscribers

no revenue

no product

and no topic!

So I totally get where you are at now . . .

Fast forward even a couple of years . . .

my first year was over $100k in online revenue . . . and I've never made less than that in the last 13 years (most years $200k - $500K)

However, over the course of the last few years, I've allowed my business to become more complex and more commercial . .

and over the Christmas and New Year time, I've done some heavy thinking, and praying

And I've made the decision to completely go back to my roots . . .

and create a brand new non-im coaching membership business

in the passion/purpose/spirituality/Christian niche . . .

So instead of focusing on making money, this is purely about changing lives FIRST and making money SECOND . .

so . . .if this is the kind of business YOU want to create

but you've been STRUGGLING to figure out all the pieces . .

I invite you to

Now, here's the thing . . . I've been on an amazing journey the last 13 years, I've been blessed to have taken my business to $100k my first year online, adding about $100k a year for the next 5 years . .

and as happens with many startups . . . I had a descend as well, dropping back to $250k in revenue . . . .

And I'll be brutally honest with you right now . . .

I'm sick of seeing the extreme marketing and the "competition for biggest testimonial results"

With programs claiming to create millionaires, billionaires, $100k months in a short time . . .

Endless claims and income claims

That although the fine print says, look, only .01% of people have this level of success . . .

but buy my program anyhow and you have a .01% shot of success with it (except they don't say that, they say the government sanctioned words: "results not typical"

They SHOULD be saying "Results Highly UNLIKELY"


"Results Highly UNLIKELY"

I'm sick of it.

You may know I took a few weeks off around Christmas.

The truth:

I was really sickened by some things that have happened in the industry lately.

And I began to question my own business model.

You see, I teach folks how to create $100k businesses online by starting a coaching program.

And yes, I've had a number of clients who have gotten to around $100k a year with my systems.

I sure hope it's higher than .01%!!!

But I KNOW it's not typical.

And I'll be totally transparent with you . . .

I've questioned if I'm good enough to teach this stuff.

yeah, yeah, yeah, I know . . .

Clients come to me and tell me they don't know if they are good enough to teach their topic . . and I tell them (maybe I've told you this) -

just get out there and teach it . . . you are good enough

so here's the teacher with a raw, candid admission

that I'm not good enough

Even though I have many many clients who have sent me laudatory emails, told me their results, told me they LOVE what I'm doing for them . .

Even I have my doubts sometimes . . .

Please don't hold it against me

I'm just leveling with you

Like, why can't folks take my training and get the same results as other clients?

Some people send me raving testimonials about how awesome my training is

Others send me raving testimonials about how much money they've made with my training

And yet - others - studying the SAME training that got some folks results . . .

get a gooseegg . . NOTHING to show for their hard work

That really frustrates me.

That would be like if I found a new diet that worked amazingly well . . . but only for 5% of the people

So . . .

that's where I've been the last few weeks.

Sucking my thumb.

Really saddened by the fact that most folks just can't make it.

And wrestling with WHY

Contemplating quitting


Seriously quitting the entire coaching and money part of the business all together

But . . .

As happens with most sabbaticals

in this unforced

and only a few weeks

I've had 2 revelations inside of me:

1) There are pretty real - and serious - reasons why the folks who DON'T MAKE it - in my programs - or anyone else's - don't make it

It's not their fault.

And it's not just their coaches' fault.

Their something much more sinister and embedded that is forcing good people to fail miserably at starting a profitable coaching business, infobusiness, that kind of business . . .

The good news is - hope is not all lost -

and I'll get to that in a minute

2) I AM going to transition my business AWAY from focusing on income, AWAY from focusing on generating revenue, AWAY from income promises etc.

And in fact, perhaps you've seen my very first project of the year . . . last week I released the 21 Day Godly Success Challenge - which is my first faith-based training program in some time.

I've also pivoted my business focus to the faith/purpose based arena.

That's my first love (in fact, when I first started this business, my very first site and ebook was Christian-based)

And the Lord and I have had a lot of chats in the last few weeks.

I hope you'll forgive me my delays in answering your emails because I've taken so much down time!

He's made it very clear that my #1 priority is showing folks how to use Biblical principles in their business, to grow their business, and to change lives . . .

And that's being followed through even these last few weeks with a remake of the GodlyProsperity.com site and with my very first training program of the year being the 21 Day Godly Success Challenge (which, by the way, has gotten GREAT feedback so far . . .folks saying things like, "Sean, your very best training in years," and "Sean, your very best training in a long time."

That's gratifying to me, and is helping me confirm I've made the right decision to get OUT of the coaching millions rat-race . . . .

So . . .

I've been having a blast the last few days, starting to brainstorm my own new business

My non-income oriented business, helping Christians and purpose-based entrepreneurs build a meaningful business that changes lives FIRST and focusing on profit SECOND . . .

And I'm excited to unveil the first iteration of that business soon!


Now . . . a few minutes ago I wrote this:

There are pretty real - and serious - reasons why the folks who DON'T MAKE it - in my programs - or anyone else's - don't make it

It's not their fault.

And it's not just their coaches' fault.

Their something much more sinister and embedded that is forcing good people to fail miserably at starting a profitable coaching business, infobusiness, that kind of business . . .

The good news is - hope is not all lost -

and I'll get to that in a minute

Well, that minute is here . . .

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm really sickened by the fact that so many really talented people (like yourself) are struggling so much online,

you just can't get that business idea off the ground

You can't get the right ideas

Or you can't get the technology right (it's a nightmare and a bear for sure)

Or you can't make sales

Or you can't have fun with your business

Or you are working yourself ragged

And then you have to contend with 50 people a day sending you emails telling you about the latest-greatest way to make a million bucks!

and they make you feel really rotten inside, thinking that if you don't get their program, you are letting your family down.

And then if you get their program, it doesn't work for you, and you still let your family down.

This cycle REALLY sickens me.

Like, the last few weeks, it's churned at me.

I get mad reading so many people's emails about all the threats about programs closing down

(and yes, I know, I do it too - do you know why- cause as many as HALF of all sales come on the last day of a sale BECAUSE - and PRIMARILY because people buy because they are afraid of missing out)

so if a good marketer DOESN'T use last day scarcity, his income is HALF

that's why they do it

that's why I do it

It still makes me sick

and a bunch of other sick stuff in this business I'm not gonna bore you with right now

But here's what I believe:

Folks aren't failing because they can't help folks

They aren't failing because the road is too hard

They aren't failing because they are stupid

They aren't failing because they are not capable

They are failing because:

They can't SEE it done

They can't visualize what has to be done

The processes are too complicated

There is too much noise

There's so much focus on the money that you get distracted every time a new million dollar promise comes in your inbox

The bottom line is this:

I desperately believe that YOU can have an amazing purpose-based business that focuses on changing lives FIRST

and profit SECOND

You see, you can maybe breathe a sigh of relief right now

Think about that . . .

how much more freeing would it be in your business

if you weren't focused first and foremost on the money

if you weren't duped into believing if you just do some certain steps, that the money comes pouring in

So then when it doesn't happen

You are slammed back to the ground again

Bloodied from the impact

the frustration of not being able to provide for your family better

But if you take all the money OUT of the business . .

and you could just focus on building a business that changes lives . . .

You didn't have to sell, sell, sell

but instead you could just:

create good life-changing content

record videos that change lives

get the word out in a low-stress way, no pressure


How would that feel?

Are you already feeling like you can breathe better?

You CAN breathe better . . .

because when you focus on changing lives FIRST

that's how it CAN be . . .

Imagine waking up each morning, simply thinking, okay, what can I write today that can change lives?

What can I put on youtube or by blog that can change lives?

How would it feel to be able to focus first and foremost on delivering YOUR big insight to the world?


If that would feel good . . .

but perhaps you are thinking . . . but what about the money?


Okay . . . let's talk about it for a sec

but don't lose the concept, the feeling of how it will be to NOT focus on the money

But imagine that now that you have focused on the customer FIRST

you have focused on changing lives FIRST


Now that you have a calm, life-changing business

where you are changing lives each day


and ONLY then

Do you introduce a profit component

Note: your business is NOT focused on the money

it's focused on changing lives


And ONLY then

you introduce a profit component

one course

one coaching program

one membership

one something that gives an additional level of access or training

one something

not 100 somethings

not 1000 products

not 1000 lessons


One course/coaching program/membership that gives additional access to more training and access to you . . .

And that one thing has a fair price - no chasing $1000, $5000, $10,000 sales and then feeling stressed about it

But just one fair price

$100 a month

$40 a month

$200 a month

something like that

How would that feel

Change lives FIRST

Each day, your focus is changing lives FIRST

Then you simply layer in ONE course/program/membership that you charge for

And you grow that membership slowly if necessary

But it's rock solid

It's not new every day

It doesn't make you rich overnight

Nor do you stress over it

But it's changing lives

and slowly but surely, you are increasing your income

Maybe it's $40 a month and the 2nd month you get 10 members so you make $400

not a million

not a fake million

but $400

then maybe it's $60 a month and you get 10 more members - now you make $1000 a month

Then maybe your confidence is growing and you raise the price to $100 a month and get 10 more members

now you are at $2000 a month


do you start to focus a little on "scaling"

You see, now that you have $2000 a month coming in

From ONE course/program/membership

Your day still looks like this:

Wake in the morning

EXCITED to change lives

no focus on money

just create something that changes lives

write an article

record a video

interview an expert

do something fun

And since you are having fun

and greating great content

folks are naturally sharing it, because it's not tainted by money


your email campaign

gently and calmly

sends an email

that triggers your subscriber

to read about your $100 a month membership

and without you doing any extra work

without you stressing about the money

another $100 a month member


and you get paid

month after month

without the stress

because you are changing lives FIRST

and profit SECOND

So . . .

How does this feel?

Would you like to have a business like this?

If so . . .

I'll share with you what I'm doing . . .

Now, remember, I'm remaking the entire GodlyProsperity.com concept

I'm about 1/2 way through writing the 21 day challenge lessons

I'm going to have FUN

changing lives FIRST

doing what I love

teaching the Faith Based Calls that have gotten lost in my business

I'm having fun again in my business


And today I began the planning phases

of a brand new

totally designed from scratch

$100 a month

membership business

in the purpose/passion/faith niche


That's right

a $100 a month membership

in a topic I LOVE to teach

so that I can have

the life I described above for you . . . .


Now, I haven't named it yet

I haven't nailed the exact topic (although it's going to be passion/purpose/faith, something along those lines)

And as I was doodling on a sheet of paper

taking notes

doing some online research (using Mr. Google to get ideas)

I thought:

What if YOU could watch me every step of the way . . .

kind of like "Watch Over My Shoulder as I Create a Brand New Non-IM Passion/Purpose/Faith Membership"

How would that feel?

If that would feel good . . .like yeah, this could make a difference for you . . .

that's what I'm going to do . . . .

Instead of doing all the work for the new business

behind the scenes

and then you get to see it when it's done

I'm going to open up my screen

And let you watch me design this new business membership from scratch

Here's what I'll show you:

1) The exact process I'm using (with full discussion about the why) to choose the exact topic I'm going to teach

2) The exact research I'm doing online (and you can do too in your own business) (I'm literally going to show you the exact keyword phrases I search, the pages I look at for inspiration)

3) The exact naming process I'm using to Choose the Name of the membership AND the website name

4) The exact business model and outline I'm using to create the business

5) The exact content creation model I'm using to create content to attract prospects and subscribers

6) Exactly how I design the Site from scratch . . . the exact pages I create, what I put on the pages

7) Exactly how I position the blog for the best results

8) Step by step how I design the program itself to be worth $100 a month

9) The exact membership/coaching model I'm using for the highest level of results

10) A walk-through about my decision for having a social element (a forum vs facebook group vs something else)

11) How I'm going to drive traffic (using a brand new strategy I've designed from scratch, this makes it EASY to get started from SCRATCH (like if you have ZERO leads so social sharing etc is useless for you) PLUS get viral traffic from videos and even blog posts (this is so hot and new I'm not sharing the sites we'll use, this will change things for you)

In short, it's A-Z watching ME create a brand new NON-IM passion/purpose/faith business from SCRATCH

This is insider access, this goes behind the scenes, and this will take YOU to the next level if you simply watch along and then do what I do!

Note: as promised earlier, there is NO GUARANTEE of hyped up profits or income at all for you

I'm simply going to let you watch along as I start a brand new membership from scratch

And I'll literally show you the # of sales and price points as they come in, to get to the $100k a month

This "Watch Over My Shoulder as I Create a Brand New Non-IM Passion/Purpose/Faith Membership" is going to be off-the-hook!

Now, we must talk about the investment . . .

If I were promising $1000s and $10,000 of $1000s in revenue

I could easily charge $1000 or more for this "Watch Over My Shoulder as I Create a Brand New Non-IM Passion/Purpose/Faith Membership" experience . .

But I'm not

I'm simply going to let you watch over my shoulder as I create each component

and take all the mystery out of each step - you can literally copy each step I take in my business and copy what I do

So I've decided

that instead of a high-stress $1000 price tag,

I'm going to slash 93% off the price

so that you won't pay $1000

instead you'll invest just $97 to watch me build this $100k passion/purpose/faith topic business from scratch:

Watch Me Create a Brand New Purpose Business in 2020


Now, perhaps you are asking yourself, is this really worth it?

Frankly, I don't know.

You see, we talked about this idea earlier that I was sickened by . . .

This concept of marketers promising insane levels of income

so they justify their high prices based on the .01% testimonials

So there are no income promises.

So I'm not going to tell you why this is worth $1000 or $10,000 or any other number


Only YOU can decide if you want to change things for yourself

and take YOUR business to a new level

by focusing on changing lives FIRST

and profit SECOND

and that's what you are going to see me demonstrate here . .

I'm going to show you

both in live web conferences

and in some supporting videos that show each step

I'm going to demonstrate building from scratch a business

that's low-stress

easy to run

happy to run

I'm going to focus on changing lives FIRST

and profit SECOND

So . . .

if you want to "Watch Over My Shoulder as I Create a Brand New Non-IM Passion/Purpose/Faith Membership"

Get started now, again it's not $1000

it's 93% off

at just $97:



Watch Me Create a Brand New Purpose Business in 2020


Friend, I truly believe that you can create a meaningful purpose passion or Christian based business, that changes lives sharing what YOU know . . .

Let's face it, you have done the work.

You KNOW you can change lives.

But you've been so caught up with the latest fad, the latest marketing method . . that you've lost sight of what you really want to do.

How will it feel to focus on changing lives FIRST

and getting paid SECOND

so that you can sleep at night

So you know folks lives are getting changed

AND you are making money from it . . .

If that's the case, if that would feel good . . .

join me on this project . .

You'll see behind the scenes . .

I'm going to hold 4 LIVE trainings where I literally show you behind the scenes of my design process, the questions I'm asking, the decisions I'm making, the reason for the pricing (and the exact price isn't determined yet, but I believe I'm really close)

And the best part is, I'm going to explain WHY I'm making those decisions . . .

By the way, the 4 live trainings will be recorded, so if you miss any of them you can watch them at your leisure . .

I Promise this will change the way you build your business, or just ask me, and I'll refund every payment

Go ahead, get started now!


Sean Mize

Sean Mize