Web Host I Personally Use

One of the most important things about building your site out is that it MUST be secure and it MUST be on a webserver that can handle your traffic, especially if it spikes and as it grows.

And most ordinary web hosts can’t do both.

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience, where your site crashed or worse because of something with the web host.

In fact, I’ve had the same problem in the past . . . and a little over a year ago, I found a web host that I’ve transferred about 90% of my web pages and all of my big sites to . . . and that is WordPress Engine

Now, yes, it is ONLY for WordPress sites

and a few of you aren’t doing your site in wordpress, because you are an expert in something else

but you know that for everyone else, I’m recommending wordpress because it’s so very easy, and ALL the components of a Big Site can be done with plugins off the shelf with wordpress  –

Now, as you look at this hosting, you’ll see it’s more expensive than getting some ordinary web host.

And there are 3 things that make it worth it me to pay more:

  1. They handle all the security, they automatically upgrade your wordpress version each time there’s a new one, and handle all security issues, plus they do safe automatic backups
  2. They have like 50 techs who are employed by them full time (as opposed to some 3rd party contractor) and if you get stuck on ANYTHING in wordpress – they will personally walk you through or even do it for you
  3. For beginners: if you have struggled before installing anything . . they do it all for you. When you get your account, you create an installation – and wordpress is automatically installed and kept updated for you
  4. You can scale as fast as you want with their service – you don’t have to get new servers or add new servers and caching or anything like that – they do it all
  5. You don’t have to worry that uploading things will slow your website down, or that if you get 1000s of visitors, your website will crash or slow down.

Now, I personally use the $115 a month version of their service, and will likely soon be moving to the $297 service level (because of the scale of my business)

But for you, for this project, just start with the basic installation . . it’s $35 a month and worth every single penny . . .

Check it out here WordPress Engine , you can chat with them if you want (or ask me questions, but you probably know I’m a bit behind on answering emails, our anniversary was yesterday, so I took the day off, and Mon and today I have been building out a new site – and I’m glad I’ve been doing it personally cause now everything is fresh to share with you the very latest insight into building YOUR site

Like I said, I genuinely believe that with this hosting you’ll have the very best you need for your Big Business site, using the same web hosting I personally use: Get WordPress Engine

Sean Mize