Webinar Automation Campaign Introduction


For the prior work:

I’ve re-ordered the training so that it is sequential):

This introduction page contains background training and information to get you started!

Live trainings will be Thursdays at 11 AM ET

Start here:

(Note: all 3 parts are intense and critical, listen to them in order AND shut off all distractions as if you were live)

Lesson 1

Lesson 1 – Part 1

Lesson 1 – Part 2

Lesson 1 – Part 3

Lesson 2:

Lesson 2

Lesson 3:

I’ve added the deep webinar training here:

Get Started on Your Webinar

Get Started On Your Webinar Part 2

Craft Your Unique Story for Your Webinar Part 3 – Deep, Deep Webinar Work

Lesson 4:


The Training – Scripting the Close Plus Psychology

Lesson 5:

Systems and Software

Lesson 6:

Demonstration of Easy Webinar Set Up AND Easy Coaching Program Delivery Simplified

Lesson 7:

Discussion About Progress and New Coaching Model to Consider

Evaluate Progress and Determine What Needs to Happen Next to Help You Move Forward

Discussion and Display of Sales Page/Order Forms




Pre-class homework:

Because this is a small class, and I want to personalize the experience for each client, I have some questions for you first, so that I can customize your experience.

Based on your timing getting these answers to me, I should have you started with some homework over the weekend, then we’ll start in deeply next week 🙂

I’ll likely have a few more 🙂

1) What do you teach?

2) What are the top 3 things you like most about this model?

3) What have you tried and failed at before (I know this might sting, but I want to make sure I understand so that we can totally position this correctly)

4) Are you willing to work super hard for 6 weeks to build this out?

5) When you think about delivering a class or training, what arrangement of training comes to mind (audio, video, live, recorded, manuals, etc.)

6) What are the 3 biggest reasons you chose to work with me on this?

7) Finally (whew!) what would it mean for you to automate a webinar that makes 3-5 sales a week?

Once you’ve completed that homework, listen to this training and do the homework there:

Components of a High Ticket Coaching or Course Package

Then study as much (and ONLY) as much of these next trainings from my Signature Coaching

Program, as you need to get really clear on your program (you likely only need the

first track or two, where I teach how to create the program itself, the selling method

I taught in that program is different (Less automated), but the course structure training should be

very very helpful

Signature Coaching Training

Take some time to get detailed 🙂

I look forward to seeing your responses!