Webinar Campaign Mastery Training Program

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Get Started:

Listen first:

Multiple Product Automation Model

Listen 2nd:

How to Create a Training Program

Once you've listened to both of those trainings, you'll understand the model.

Then if think of building out your business sequentially, these are essentially the steps:

  1. Create a Training Program
  2. Create a Webinar For it
  3. Create the Pre and Post Emails for the Webinar promotion and selling campaign
  4. Run the Webinar

Then: Take the Manual Email Sequences you created (if you didn't automate them initially) and put them into an automation campaign so that you can automate the promotion and delivery of the webinar to future prospects that come onto your list)

Then: Rinse and Repeat.

Imagine creating a 2nd training, then creating a 2nd webinar, running it live to your list, then automating it as above.

Then do the same thing a 3rd time.

Now you have 3 sequential webinars, running one after another, in your email campaign.


Now that you know the model, it's a matter of sequentially building it out.

I'll give you a review of the steps below.

Then through the rest of this Access Page, I've put the specific "what to do and how to do it" instructions for doing each step.

There's one warning:

This isn't quick and dirty, it doesn't happen overnight, and in the meantime you probably are seeing pitches from folks that will tell you there's a quick way to get rich fast . . . there isn't.

What you have here is a rock-solid blueprint, with complete steps - to building an advanced business.

Of course you can stop with just one webinar or one training program and focus exclusively on that.

But I can tell you from experience, if you don't commit to the concept, and simply use a combination of excited motivation and brute force to focus :-), and you quit midway . . . you won't build out the business you desire.

Now, there's no one-size-fits-all way of keeping every person motivated . . . but if you know you need external motivation, I encourage you to either hire a "motivation coach" (keep in mind, they don't have to be "in internet marketing" or even understand it . . they can literally be a "motivation coach") or join a group coaching program where a coach can keep you on track and motivated.

Overview List of Steps

Note: this list is generally universal. But if you thoughtfully determine there's some component you want to add in, or subtract, or perhaps combine wisdom you've gotten from other coaches you trust, you can of course make alterations.

I abhor the idea that some coaches indicate that they "only" way to success is their way . . . I believe very strongly that the model I teach here works . . but I also believe there are 1000 or more variations to it that others use, and they work as well!

So . . .while it's important to be laser focused, you don't need to be a copy and paste robot!

Ok, here's a general overview of the steps:

  1. Choose your topic, what are you going to teach
  2. Create Training 1
  3. Create Webinar 1 to promote Training 1
  4. Create the emails to go with Webinar 1
  5. Possibly write a print sales letter promoting Training 1, for those who don't come to the webinar, or who don't buy from the webinar

Rinse and Repeat: You can stack as many of the above webinars as you want . . Training 2, Training 3, etc.

You can add a coaching program (preferably a group program)

6. Automate the webinar using one of the webinar hosting companies

7. Automate the emails using an autoresponder company

8. Send prospects to the webinar registration page, which will be the first step in their journey . . . prospects will get the pre-webinar emails, then attend the webinar, then receive the post-webinar emails, and at some point either purchase the training . . . or not.

9. For prospects who do not buy the training from the webinar, write a 3-5 day product launch campaign to send prospects to the sales page for the same product.

10. Rinse and repeat . . . once a prospect has completely gone through the above process, it's time for you to create the next product and invite the prospects to go through the process again with another webinar/product/salesletter/email campaign

11. You can additionally write content or rapport building emails and sprinkle them through the automated email campaign, to build additional trust and rapport.

Now, this is the basic framework. Each step doesn't have to be done perfectly.

And as you are studying my training to learn how to do these steps, you won't always need to listen to all of the training on a topic . . . once you've assimilated it - DO IT!

If you already know how to do something, you might want to start listening to the training on that topic, just to know if I suggest an easier way, etc - but you don't have to do things "my way" to have success (you DO have to do things a successful . . which could be my way or some way you've learned from another coach).

The key though, is implementation . . . if you study study study but don't implement . . . you may end up more studied, but you won't change lives with your training, and you won't make a living teaching others what you know!

So without further adieu . . .get started with "The Steps" in the column to the right!




The Steps

(Be sure to read the intro and all training to the left before starting here):

To learn the process for scripting a webinar, I walk you through my own creation of the webinar to sell this program:

(These two tracks are the same as the ones on the left, if you've already mastered this, skip these 2):

The Model and Your First Training Program or Product:

Multiple Product Automation Model

How to Create a Training Program

Write the Webinar:

Watch Me Write a New Webinar - Innovative Approach - Introduction

Watch Me Write a New Webinar - Innovative Approach - Beginning

Audio of Watch Me Write A New Webinar - Innovation Approach

Watch Me Write a New Webinar - Part 2

Watch Me Write a New Webinar - Part 3 (Stack)

Write the emails promoting the webinar (this step will be added soon)


You can use this fill-in-the-blanks webinar script to serve as a guide (although in the long run, I don't advise simply copy and paste or fill-in-the-blanks) - use this instead to get a feel for the process, but the more naturally you can write in your own voice, the more natural your webinar will feel:

Fill In The Blanks Copy for VSLS and Webinars


Sometimes seeing things/hearing things from a different perspective can make a difference, if after studying everything above you are still thinking, okay, I'm missing something, watch/listen to as much of the following as necessary NOT to replace the above, but to add to it as necessary:

Watch Me Write a Clients' Webinar

Then, again, only if you need more depth, an additional approach:

How to Write the Story and Backstory to Make Your Teleseminar or Webinar Believable and Thus Sellable

Writing the Emails:

Building Psychological Campaign Trust

How to Build Powerful Trust in 5 Days

High Speed Trust and Engagement

How to Write a Powerful Daily Email


Sales Letter Training:

How to Write a Coaching Sales Letter:

How to Write a Coaching Sales Letter

Deep Conversational Persuasive Sales Letter Writing:

Deep Conversational Persuasive Sales Letter Writing

How to Write a Compelling Sales Letter From Scratch


Create the Coaching Program:

Step by Step Implementation to Create Your Coaching Program

Listen to this first:

Total Coaching Program Overview and Fast Implementation Plan

Then follow these steps sequentially to get your coaching program started fast:

Step 1: Determine the sequential implementation to teach in your coaching program

Step 2: Add training and deliverables to each step

Step 3: Determine delivery method

Step 4: Write Sales Letter:

How to Write a Coaching Program Sales Letter Part 1

Part 2: Add the Emotional Component to Your Sales Letter

Step 5: Schedule Coaching Call

Step 6: Deliver Coaching Call

Steps 7 and beyond:

Deliver a new coaching call each week or 2x a month.

Rinse and repeat.

After the initial 10-12 weeks, ask your clients what they want to learn. Make a new set of topics for the next set of weeks.

You will get to the point you can iterate and simply choose a new topic each week without long term planning.

The hardest week is week 1.

They get easier and easier.

Just do it! Get started!





Bonus Templates:

(This section is incomplete, the full bonus templates should be added within days)

Coaching Sales Letter Sampler

Various Sales Letters and Email Templates

Disclaimer: these are templates only, these letters, emails, webinars, vsls, sales pages or any other template, are for sample purposes only, may make promises that are no longer valid, and are ONLY for example and educational purpose only.