Welcome to Build Your Own School, Academy or Institute


Over the course of the next 10-13 weeks, I am going to be converting the basic AnyoneCanCoach into a fully-fledged academy with a full certification program, and multiple graduation levels and classes etc (as I described on the sales page)

And as I DO the work live on the site, I am going to show you each week how it’s done, and I’ll be showing you in such a way that you can literally copy along as I do the work, and YOU can do each step I do, each week as I do it!

Now, in order for you to be fully able to follow along, before we start officially, you need to make some basic plans about your own school, academy, or institute –

Basic name

Domain name

What classes you will teach


So as homework for the weekend, before we get started officially, start a thread here and let’s start discussing what you want to do: Start a Thread Here

Name the thread (Your Name) + My School (or Academy or Institute) Brainstorming

and start by sharing:

What you have in mind

How your topic and school can change a generation

What you envision teaching

And then once I see responses, I’ll formulate a next round of questions.

As you are doing that, begin thinking about:

School Name

Domain Name

And then next week we’ll firm up and finalize that step for you!