Welcome to Extreme Accountability

Here is the recording of today’s live training:

This is the Full Funnel,. Innovative Traffic Sources, and Much Much More!

(Note: it’s unlisted on youtube for ease, but can’t be seen by folks outside this class unless you specifically share it)

We will be working on the full funnel . . . and how to adapt it to your innovation in your niche!

See you there, let’s get some serious work done!

Welcome to Extreme Accountability!

This is going to put fire under you and drive you to succeed these 6 months!

The very first step of course is defining what you are going to achieve these 6 months.

The first round of training is here:

Extreme Accountability Kickoff

Then create an accountability thread here:

Accountability Thread

In your first post, describe why this is important, and what you realistically want to accomplish in the next 6 months, and how it’s going to change the world.

The next step will be a schedule with milestones for YOU and our next training will give you the full funnel system as well . . .