What does it really take to keep distractions from sidetracking your business?

Why do distractions happen?

Really, why?

For YOU, why do they happen?

Maybe start with when . . .

Are you distracted when you are really, really excited about doing something?

If you are totally excited about driving a brand new car you’ve been waiting for years to see,

or you are totally excited to go to an exotic beach . . .

would you REALLY take an hour and get lost in facebook or google or email?

of course not!

So my belief is that if you are getting distracted and getting lost in facebook or google or email or anything else online  . . .

. .. you aren’t really excited about what you are doing.

So if you are trying to build an internet business, but you aren’t excited about it  . . . then why try?

You will just spend your time distracted 🙂

I see two options – and the choice is yours:

Stop trying – you’ll just stay distracted and waste more time

or find something to be excited about instead of whatever it is you are trying to do online that you aren’t excited about . . .



Key takeaway:


Distractions compel you  because they seem more interesting than the work you are doing.

So if distractions are ruling your work life . . .maybe you need to focus more on beefing up the work that you do so that it is challenging, fulfilling, and interesting . . . rather than just keep fighting distractions.

Now, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a discipline involved.

I love what I do.

I have goals in what I do.

I set out with daily goals and things that I want to get done.

Then I have to have the discipline to just do them . . .

And when I love what I am working on (like writing articles like this) it makes it much, much easier to avoid the normal everyday distractions.