Why It’s a Disservice to Charge Too Little for Your Training and Advice

Are you charging too little?

Do you have questions like this, do I charge too much?

Am I charging too little?

Is it fair to charge more?

Is it fair to charge $500 or more?

Is it fair to charge $1000 or more?

Let’s have a discussion about this, see if we can shine some clarity on the issue . . .

Maybe you are charging $37 for unlimited access to all your knowledge and training.

And when folks pay you $37, they don’t value what you teach them, do they?

Do you get frustrated that people pay you $37 or $100 for your knowledge – but NEVER do anything with it?

But let me ask you this, if they paid $1000 for the SAME training – do you think they would DO it?

Of course!!

Cause they have skin in the game.

Think about you . . . how many $37 trainings do you have on your harddrive that you have never studied more than the first track?

How many $100 trainings do you have that you haven’t studied?

What about $400?

If you paid $400 for the training, you are more likely to have studied at least 3-4 hours of it than if you had only paid $37 for it, right?

And maybe you’ve invested $1000 or $4000 in the past – you spent even MORE time studying and implementing, right?

So here’s the thing, your prospects are just like you.

Your clients are just like you.

Your clients will do MORE work if they pay you more.

You are actually doing them a DISSERVICE if you charge too little.

Now, maybe $1000 isn’t the right number for you.

Maybe you should be charging $800 or $1200 or $541 or $1238 or $2239 or $5000

And without talking with you personally, I can’t advice you on your perfect price point.

So maybe when I say $1000, you need to mentally translate that to $600 or $800 or $1200.

But the bottom line is, your clients will get MORE results from a $1000 training than a $37 training – even if it’s the EXACT same material!


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