Without a Vision You Are Floundering

Probably 95% of the folks I talk with online who are struggling to build an online business, when I ask them what their vision is, or who’s lives they want to change, or what their contribution is online to change lives . . . they tell me they don’t know.

I often hear that “I just got online to make money but can’t figure it out”

Here’s the secret: there’s no way to “make money” online.

Only the govt can “make money”

The ONLY way you get paid online in your own business is if YOU create value and exchange that value with someone else for their money.

Then it is your money and not theirs anymore.

But in order for any of that to happen – YOU have to have a vision.

A vision of who you are going to help, how you are going to help them, and a definitive vision for your web business as the vehicle through which you help them.

Without that, you are floundering.

If you’ve been online for 3 years and spent lots of money learning, learning, learning and nothing works . . .

go back to vision.

Without a full vision like I described above, you can spend another $100k with 100 more coaches . . . and nothing will happen.

You must clarify your vision, be very definitive and clear about it.

The you must have a determination to DO your vision (a vision with no implementation is a hallucination 🙂 )

do when you craft your vision, make sure it remains a vision, and doesn’t become a hallucination!