Your Actions and Habits Determine Your Results

It’s easy in today’s world to believe that we are not succeeding because we aren’t thinking right.

That we need to think MORE.

Or be MORE dedicated.

Or that we need to THINK harder so we can take more action.

But here’s something to think about:

Look at the last 15 minutes of your day.

Whatever you have done in the last 15 minutes, did you DO it because of some momentous thought, then a big decision . . .or have your actions been guided by habit for the last 15 minutes?

What about the 15 minutes before that?

Or the 15 minutes before that?

What about the rest of your day?

What percentage of your day has been guided by habit?

50%? 80%

I suspect that 50-80% of what most of us do each day is guided by habit, not intention.

So . . . if that’s the case . .

Is it possible that in order to increase success . .

instead of thinking we have to think more or harder

instead we simply have to make a HABIT out of DOING what we already think about, what we already know we should DO?

I find that it’s easy to fall into the trap as an entrepreneur – because of our own past histories of being able to innovate better than the rest of the population, and we can do it with more self-motivation than the rest of the world . .

that we therefore MUST only do things when we are inspired . . .

But what if success is only the initial SPARK of inspiration – and THEN the daily grind of DOING what we are inspired to do . .

and if that’s the case, why fight habit?

Why not embrace habit?

Make a HABIT of DOING the things necessary to get to our goals?