Your Campaign Path

Do you know your campaign path?

You see, if you have a training program or coaching program (or both), but you don’t have a campaign path with which to sell your training program and/or coaching program . . you probably aren’t selling many.

You probably think your traffic doesn’t work.

You perhaps think your product doesn’t sell or no one wants it.

But deep inside, you know that’s not the case.

Deep inside, you KNOW there are people who need what you have.

But . . . .when someone meets you online, they don’t initially trust you.

Imagine a trust scale of 1-100.

And let’s say 100 is you trust someone with your life.

90 is enough to get married.

50 is enough to spend $10,000.

30 is enough to spend $1000.

20 is enough to spend $300.

But when you run traffic – ANY traffic –

the initial meet with you, the trust level is . .

drum roll:


that’s right, when someone FIRST meets you, their trust level is 0

and until their trust level reaches 20 on average . . .

they AREN’T going to buy

So you can have GREAT traffic but if you don’t do something in your email campaign to get them
to 20 . . . they won’t buy and then of course you think the traffic is bad.

So here’s the question:

What do YOU think YOU can do to get folks to trust you enough to invest $300 with you?

And then to invest $1000 with you?