Youtube Blitz Day 2 1/2

With 90 days in this, I probably won’t send 2 updates a day all the time!

I might even miss a day somewhere.

But I want everyone to “get” the initial strategy, and I have a feeling you might be feeling like I’m not doing it exactly like I said.

Cause I’m not, I’ve changed things up just a little.

It should be an even better experience than promised, even if some details are different.

So here’s the background:

I’m doing this live.

And when I (or you) do something live, 2 things happen

  1. you learn on the fly
  2. you get ideas as you go that are greater than what you had when you sat down and wrote a letter to say you are doing itIt’s like if you are building a house, and you draw the plans, and then you think of something and you add it.

    Here is the stats update from day 1:

And what happened for me is that as soon as I published the video and sent it out and spontaneously asked folks to record their first video and post it below . . . I didn’t realize how many of you WOULD.

Cause I’m used to telling folks till I’m blue to do this, do that.

And I meet with them 3 years later and they didn’t do it.


Or didn’t think it would work.

Or sceered.

Or something.

But something clicked with that first video (watch it again if you want, try to understand what happened, and by the way, I didn’t take 4 days to script out some highly persuasive goggle pitch to get people to model . .

I just talked to you personally.

And it resonated.

I think maybe 20 people have made their first video, and some of them I can tell you haven’t done it cause you’re scared.

But if you are one of those 20 . . . you aren’t scared anymore.

Or if you are scared, you are less scared.

And when you do #2 and #3, it gets even better.

Imagine if you model me and do 90!

Or more!


Now, the next thing that happened is that people who have never made a video before are getting 10-20-30 views in the first day!

I’ve seen newbies start out in youtube and put 50 videos up and only get 5 views each!

And so it dawned on me that the comments section of a video where I am going to send 100s of visits to from my list – is a GREAT place for YOU to get views.

It’s almost like each video is a social media page.

With involvement.

You don’t normally see that on youtube.

Because normally if someone is posting a video in comments, they are likely spamming.

So their comment gets deleted.

Or complained about.

And they can’t do it.

But in this case – as long as you are doing it the way I ask, genuine videos, no affiliate promotion, blah, blah, blah – I WANT to see your videos in my comments.

And no games, please.

Don’t post the same video in multiple comments or multiple videos.

No, instead make a video for every video I do.

Post early cause you get the most views.

Model what I do.


And when I saw the social engagement right off the bat, I thought, this is going to create way, way more traction for these folks, than posting them my site where hardly anyone is going to go as a destination except when I send them to see your videos.

But now they find them organically.

In the medium we want them in, we don’t have to convince them to go from my site to youtube to give you credibility.

And there’s one more big thing:


If you are savvy, if you are the type of person who spots an opportunity and knows it when you see it –

you have already guessed that there will be a huge reciprocal effect here.

If someone comments on your video, and you comment on theirs . . . .

And you do that for 50 videos a day . . .
And if you aren’t the only savvy person in this group

You will see quickly that you can get some real traction and get 20-30 or more views for each video you do.


That’s the kind of thing that gets you started.


One more thing then I’ll close:


Some folks are asking me, well how can I do this, since I’m just starting out?

Well, you can’t do it the same way I do exactly.

Because you are just starting out.

Just like I was 10 years ago.

You have to start somewhere.

And if that’s at zero subscribers and zero views and no squeeze page, that’s where you are.

And it’s where you were 3 years ago.

And if you keep not starting, you will still be there 3 years from now.

And I have never seen something that genuinely allows you to connect in a totally socially engaged way like I am providing here to just get out there and make a video every day – match me video for video – and get my views on your videos.


And someone asked me:

Seems your strategy (so far) is to get views by emailing people to look at your videos (I don’t have that list) so, so far strategy and structure wise I’m out of wack

And that’s the point – use MY clout online to drive visitors not just to MY views – but to yours too –

Here’s what I wrote him, I want to make sure you are seeing the big picture too!

(he had also asked when I was going to teach the techy stuff like how to set up your youtube channel)


you are right, you don’t have a list, you have to start somewhere

just like I did 10 years ago

the starting somewhere is where you’ve been stuck a long time

my guess is if you jumped in and did what the other 50 clients or so are doing, making a video a day and posting it in my comments where I have hundreds of subscribers going . . .you’d be getting started and start getting subscribers and build a base

yes indeed I’m going to teach the techy stuff

but my experience is that if I teach a bunch of how tos up front, most people won’t do them

most people know the how to stuff – it’s all over google and youtube – just google how to set up your youtube channel

but folks don’t do it

so I’m taking a different approach, one I’ve found works well in the past

and that is immerse folks in the process

get them to do their first video

get them to start getting views by posting their video in my comments when hundreds of people are reading comments


So that’s a long winded lesson, I hope you grasp the spirit of it and jump in and follow me along on this, don’t be an observer that gets bored, be a participator that gets involved.


Keep in mind, if all you do is write great comments, did you know that folks can click your name in the comment to get to your youtube channel?

You can add value and get visitors all at the same time!

Enough for now, plenty more to teach!

If you want to re-study the day 1 video (and see how many views it’s up to):

Day 1: Video that made such a splash motivating others to create their first video ever

Day 2: Stats From Day 1

Obviously one of the big things for day 1 is traction . . .and I think we did that 🙂

But what I would love for you to do is share in the comments what is the #1 biggest realization you had yesterday, the first day of the challenge!

Hope this is starting to give you insight!